Directors Corner
The role of the Board of Directors is very profound for any Condominium Corporation. 

The Condominium Act states in an unambiguous way:
27.  (1)   A board of directors shall manage the affairs of the corporation. 1998, c. 19, s. 27 (1).

So, any authority for a property management company or anybody else can only be derived from the authority of the Board. In practical terms, there are, however, various problems with implementation of such a model. Often Board Members do not have a proper professional background.  The most valuable candidates for the boards would be: engineers, accountants, corporate lawyers, or managers of executive level.  Unfortunately, such professionals are usually busy with their jobs and are reluctant to devote a significant amount of time to the affairs of their Corporations.  In addition, the customary approach is not to remunerate the Directors for their services.  The inevitable result is that the Directors are often operating in a space where they feel professionally insecure, vulnerable to liability and stressed by the sheer amount of time required to learn about the new field and to provide adequate service during their terms.

Considering the vital importance of Boards of Directors, helping them must be one of the priorities for any organization concerned about wellbeing of Condominium Corporations and Communities.  Therefore CAFCOR is launching a new initiative tentatively called “Directors Corner”.  We are planning to have a series of venues that will help Board Members to organize themselves and to provide them with guidance and help. 
To start with, a new Forum was created as a place to share experience and to discuss issues faced by Board Members every day in their demanding and often not appreciated work.

Directors Corner - Forum