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Costs to wage DEFAMATION WARFARE may be gobsmacking 2023/06/25 16:17  
Not legal advice as usual.

There can be lots of bitterness when disagreements arise.
But winning or losing a defamation lawsuit can be costly and hugely time consuming too .

Just how much can be a shocker ! And lots of bitterness may linger.

Being respectful & trying to address ISSUES NOT PERSONALITIES , is respectfully a smart strategy whatever the adversaries involved. AND there will usually be plenty of time later for adversaries to start shrieking & yelling if they really think it moves ahead to a longterm solution . . . .

Applying the Province of Ontario's 2015 anti-SLAPP legislation requires a matter of public interest and other criteria that SOME hurt-speakers have found turns out to NOT shield them from potential liability for hurt-speech. ( SLAPP acronym = "Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation" see Protection of Public Participation Act, 2015, SO 2015, c 23 )

Lawful disclosures or announcements might sometimes be shielded by non-malicious "qualified privilege" etc but there can be lots of bucks spent with uncertain collectability. A good reason to keep things civil and listen to good legal before slamming someone's reputation.

That's even if LATER the Province's anti-SLAPP shield does get ruled to shield against defamation claims over that hurt-speech.

In December 2022 the anti - SLAPP shield for public interest comment, was held to shield - from defamation claimants - harsh criticism by a nursing authority or association.

The targets of the association's denunciation apparently were NOT personally identified. The denunciations involved ANTI-VAXX views later harshly denounced by the defendant nursing association.

How much has just been awarded against the ANTI-VAXX plaintiffs ? ( that's after the anti-SLAPP shield was upheld in Dec 2022 ? )

$ 315,000 and counting.
! The plaintiffs are appealing their loss / appealing that anti-SLAPP struck down their defamation claims . . . .

June 12/23 Canadian Frontline Nurses v Canadian Nurses Association, 2023 ONSC 3529

June 23/23 CBC “Former Ontario nurses known for anti-vaxx views appeal dismissal of $1M libel suit”
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