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Whether any" lasting legacy" of Bellaria CONDO DIRECTOR KILLINGS ( Vaughan Ontario ) ? 2023/01/10 00:21  
Not legal nor security advice, as usual

( A possible subtitle might include : Will Vaughan shootings HAMPER RECRUITMENT / RETENTION of volunteers /staff in Ontario or elsewhere ? ” Other subtitles of course might have also been appropriate such as "when shared-ownership disputes turn deadly".

1 - * Have the Dec 18/22 Sunday evening Vaughan condo shootings been highprofile or ‘seismic’ or ‘moved the meter’ enough to increase challenges of recruiting ( or retaining ) Ontario condo Directors ?

Or at least : that's if potential candidates become or are already sufficiently aware of some sorta ongoing dispute like the background to the Bellaria shootings ? Or would it be temporary ?

Will there be parallel effects as to managers or staff ? One would expect private reviews of "target security" measures albeit vulnerable to some suicidal revenge-seeker.

Or as to condo law specialists or A.D.R. practitioners ? eg attending to counsel or chair without police/security attendance ? Anticipated disruptions at “live meetings” ?

* There is the issue of what might really reach the level of a seismic game-changer in the condo /shared-ownership universes ?

2 - an aspect NOT YET CLARIFIED : how did the shooter accomplish UNIT - BY - UNIT shootings ? ! :

The shooter reportedly brandished ( only ? ) a "semi-automatic pistol". Non-related online videos appear to show that - for example - 9 mm bullets can perforate some metal-clad doors but leave the problem how to see targets inside ? The shooter chose times & places, and got at least one firearm. One hears uneasily that unlicensed 3D pistols are circulating.

( Did the shooter match his armament to the resistance of individual unit doors ? Some online sources indicate that some toughened doorlocks or door components might deflect or ricochet bullets back at a shooter. )

Still unanswered is whether - on this pre-holiday Sunday evening - were triggered prior emergency alarms - as related heard by one shocked owner ? If so was it before, during or only after the shootings ? Was there a prior ruse to confuse or gain open-door access to victims ? Or to deliberately confuse / delay response by the security presence IF on duty at the shooter's chosen time ?

Did the shooter knock & lurk beyond the range of victims' unit door peepholes as they opened up ?

Or did the shooter merely smash his way into target units ? Or some other way ? Remember that the shooter chose his times & places.

3 - Factuals :

On Sunday evening Dec. 18 / 22 a condo owner in Vaughan was fatally shot by police after allegedly killing FIVE of his fellow owners during a unit-by-unit shooting spree at the ( Vaughan Ontario ) Bellaria condo multi-story residential complex Y.R.S.C.C. # 1139 .

Media reported that 3 of the victims were current or former Directors. That among the merely injured were the Board President’s wife .

The shootings followed years of cross-litigation initially pre-dating COVID-19 era onlining in much of Ontario's civil justice system. AND as a S.R.L. self-represented litigant the shooter would further tend to have more frustration / less face-to-face exposure to possible moderating influences. Press reports indicate family estrangement.

The shootings immediately preceded what news reports describe as a next-day scheduled A.D.R resolution or civil justice treatment / judicial consideration of a Motion to physically expel the shooter permanently. That's considering personal expulsion for alleged contempt of court for continued alleged interactions with owners / governancers .

( PERSONAL EXPULSION orders : Curiously shown as not yet proclaimed at the province's E-laws website, section 135.1 (1) of Ontario’s Condominium Act 1998 platforms such specifically within that judicial discretion being sought & available from the court, reportedly here for contempt of prior court order. It's a judicial remedy short of a full order to sell a unit. A civil judge's general discretion might ? - MIGHT ? - not be limited by the possible proclamation issue - especially not legal advice here ! Maybe looks less offensive to property & civil rights & can target non-owners who are not tenants of record. )

ELEVENTH HOUR WARNINGS ? Hours earlier the shooter had posted online that he was dying of cancer. He ( again ) denounced governance “demons” in a videoclip some reports now describe as "fatalistic". A dare to show the universe he was "mad as Hell and not taking it any more" ? ?

Anyway, media reports have not identified exactly IF and HOW the shooter may have managed to get open-door access to the 3 separate units before being killed by police responders.

WHETHER some sorta "SEISMIC" aftermath ?

Subsequent intensive Toronto media reporting was re-circulated internationally in abbreviated form.

As noted by Toronto reports, this tragedy happened to follow a deadly Rome Italy attack that killed 3 Directors at a formal Directors meeting ( CTV Dec 11/22 : 'I'll kill you all': Man kills 3 in Rome condo board meeting" )

It also followed a Florida double homicide of a homeowner association President & spouse after a harmless sounding interaction that the “licensed-to-carry” geriatric shooter deemed disrespectful ! ( Dec 5/22 Miami Herald “HOA President and husband shot and killed “ )

Ironically will some even argue that such reports helped trigger the Bellaria shooter ? ( Will other shootings now risk being copied ? ! )

Or instead that security aspects here are at best too far-fetched beyond being being addressed as to the dangers of genuinely suicidal killers ?

Or that drastic expulsions or full unit sale orders rarely trigger these extreme scenarios ?
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Whether any lasting legacy of Bellaria CONDO DIRECTOR KILLINGS ( Vaughan Ontario ) ? 2023/01/10 10:24  
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cloak of secrecy ( like after 2007 triple murders ) ? WERE DOORS OPENED amidst emergency alarms ? 2023/01/15 12:59  
Not legal advice, as usual.

Amidst the three weeks after the tragic Bellaria shootings, there is a cloak of press silence about exactly how the ( suicidal ? ) mass shooter / disputant was physically able to kill victims within 3 different targetted condo units. On different floors too.

Howsoever rare are targetted Director killings, there may be safety or risk-reduction lessons to be learned.

YES understandably there are valid concerns about any parallel to 'publishing a bomb-making formula'. And there are legal issues. AND there are investigative processes underway / inquests / SIU etc.

( In Ottawa in 2007 a targetted - but invasionary - triple murder of residents at a highprofile, gated Ottawa highrise complex, went into years of secrecy about details.

The complex had been festooned with cameras & had a manned security gatehouse. But later police had to disclose that all or some of the ubiquitous cameras were NOT recording. Was that a factor in the 2007 senior age victims blissfully opening the unit door not once but possibly twice to the disguised non-resident killer ? BUT of course unlike the owner against owner/ disputant aspect at Bellaria, the killings were invasive / not an internal condo governance dispute. Access in 2007 was apparently "persuaded" at doorside amidst security that did not deter the killer.

Whatever, the 2007 Ottawa killings remained unsolved for almost eight years. That was until the non-resident, non-suicidal doorside triple killer carelessly botched an attempted murder at a different condo complex. That's after being able to coax his way into a random target's condo unit.

One wonders validly if risk aspects elsewhere could have benefitted by more awareness about the 2007 issues )

Global / Can Press Dec 20/22 quotes a target whose wife survived being shot at doorside by Velli ( )

“ . . . XXX recalls rushing over to the area by the front door, which she had just answered, to help her. . . "

Another report quoted another owner alerted by hearing fire/emergency alarms ringing.
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ToStar front page : SEVEN MONTHS after CONDO DIRECTOR KILLINGS ( Vaughan Ontario ) 2023/07/22 13:30  
Today's ( Saturday July 22/23 ) Toronto Star print edition is front-paged by reporter Michele Henry's feature headed "The Red Flag in Unit 104"

( Online it’s ‘Ignore him’: The story of mass murder in a GTA condo tower. Could anyone have seen it coming ?” article_ed71fdef-30d7-5bdd-9716-44c0e411c1bb.html

Access requires either a subscription or purchase )

With police withholding comment there are unanswered questions about how much was predictable in advance. ( see already April 17/23 SIU : “Director’s Report - Case # 22-0FD -319 ” )

More is disclosed about the loner / mass shooter's troubled past. The story backgrounds what the condo governancers with counsel did or did not do particularly about the final complaint that apparently became the shooter's main obsession. ( complained noise & vibration allegedly from building electrical chamber below his unit. The construction was laconically claimed “within Building Code” and with reportedly no unusual disturbances claimed beyond design specs ).

But these retrospectives can be largely shaped by what the survivors & lawyers allow or are unable to squelch.

The article cites as many as FOUR 4 years of interactions between shooter Velli and governancers with counsel.

The final of the article’s 3 full pages is especially insightful. Comparisons are made to Jekyll & Hyde mass murderer Gabriel Wortman ( Nova Scotia mass murderer with replica RCMP cruiser ).

The article describes the decision to seek shooter Velli’s legal expulsion from occupancy after indicators of judicial receptivity. Amidst telling one acquaintance he was now “Broke. . . .No place to go , , , $ 200 K owed by Line of Credit “ the shooter was scheduled to NEXT DAY December 19 / 22 face a legal motion by condo counsel for his expulsion from occupancy.

Whatever, the article claims he had a firearms certificate in 2018 or earlier and had legally purchased a mere 9 Mm pistol in 2019. Unlike Nova Scotia mass shooter Gabriel Wortman with an arsenal & replica RCMP cruiser Mr Velli already shared building occupancy with his targets. He could chose his “time & place”.

Bottom line includes that mass shooters may “walk a fine line” between suicide & mass killing, may be tough even for experts to predict and may chose their “time & place” followed by expectation of suicide by police.

With police said silent, an inquest may allow some future enlightenment. Interestingly still unaddressed is the issue whether the shooter deliberately used the fire alarm system to fool some targets into answering his deadly knocking on their unit doors . . .
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