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Will BRITISH COLUMBIA potfarm dispute be the one to take OPPRESSION ISSUES to CANADA'S TOPCOURT ? 2021/06/19 18:30  
Not legal advice as usual.

Will a BRITISH COLUMBIA potfarm dispute - a quicky by-law pre-emption without grand-fathering - be the one to FINALLY take OPPRESSION ISSUES to CANADA'S TOPCOURT ?

Would-be-B.C. potfarmers failed to get a quicky pre-emptive strata by-law quashed for "significant unfairness". B.C. Court of Appeal did not wanta talk "restraint of trade".

Given the BUCKS already spent, upfront by-law “circling of wagons” & arguable abridgement of submissions to other Strata Owners, will the unsuccessful appellants try to beat the 92 % + / - failure rate to get an appeal heard by Canada’s topcourt ?

Whether or not "significant unfairness", is there a "national import" worthy to be addressed in condo / strata / Building Schemes ?

But is cannabis agribiz really the best / most sympathetic appellant to be seeking a clarification about condo/strata/ Building Scheme oppression ? National import or not ?

Out of Province topic : “RULED NOT OPPRESSION : Strata quicky bylaw change pre-empted POT FARM - Kunzler v SP EPS 1433”
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