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PROVINCE INVITES INPUT by Feb 8/21 : ONLINE meetings PERMANENT & RECORDS DIGITAL ? 2021/01/10 20:36  
1 - Ontario's online regulatory proposal site invites ONLINE questionnaire COMMENTS by Monday Feb 8 2021 :

proposal 21- MGCS 001

“Potential Permanent Changes to Enable Digital and Virtual Processes under the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services Business Law and Condominium Statutes”

Links to 6 page online questionnaire specifically as to implications for Ontario's Condominium Act 1998 S.O. c 19 . For certain organizations including of the condominium persuasion, COVID-19 had triggered short term exemptions & extensions to work around face to face super-spreader events like AGMs. ( other types have questionnaires too )

Should ( temporarily-platformed ) ZOOM type condo meetings become permanent even without empowering by-law ? Would it be better to leave such to existing by-laws, given for example how easier it is for the online meeting Chair to just peremptorily mute kvetchers or critics ?

How comfortable are all stakeholders to Zoom type formats or tech-savvy enough ?

In 2021 why shouldn't at least "core" records of every condominium corporation be online ? Many organizations have websites. But there may be governance vacuums of all kinds & no hurry for transparency either. See some ONCAT outcomes elsewhere at CAFCOR.

2 - Concurrently at the Province's Regulatory proposals one can be amazed to see what successive Ontario governments have managed to pack into Omnibus-type mega-legislation that are not as easy to track.

Does that frustrate meaningful stakeholder or M.P.P. participation in the legislative process ? With retro comment opportunity afterwards about implementation of details . . . ?

At least the condo proposals above accompany similar affects on other accompanying Acts. They are arguably pandemic-driven.

But from deep within one mega-legislation there arrive some eye-openers like obscure changes to stable legislation like Ontario's long-stable DRAINAGE ACT.

That's a potential biggy in farm country & environmentally sensitive areas. A different 'STREAMLINING' Proposal at the site invites comments about implementation. ( ERO number 019-2814 “Drainage Act Regulatory Proposal” posted Dec 9/20 & closing Feb 7/21 )

Assures about the Drainage Act 'streamlining' :

"Don't worry. BE HAPPY. WON'T HURT THE ENVIRONMENT. So we buried it deep in a mega-bill !"
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