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ICE CONDO OWNERS vote to uphold STR SHORT TERM RENTAL RULE - T.S.C.C. # 2510 2020/12/05 18:43  
not legal advice as usual.

Owners at a 1343 unit pair of residential towers in Toronto's core, have voted at a November 23 /20 AGM against revoking its Rule 9 ( to add site-specific measures against STR short term rental abuses ).

The site's been a flashpoint for what many see as the best and worst of STR disruptions.

In March 2020 amidst awareness of Covid 9 and pressure from Fairbnb critics, governancers had announced progressive emergency restrictions ( & more ) against STR abuses. ( March 26/20 ToStar ‘Risk of danger to residents’ prompts some Toronto condos to ban Airbnbs amid COVID-19 crisis” by Tess Kalinowski to-ban-airbnbs-amid-covid-19-crisis.html )

These backlashes pre-date Covid 9 and have parallels elsewhere including judicial & CR Tribunal successes in British Columbia.

But by late fall STR supporters at Ice Condominiums had submitted a Requisition to revoke the Rule and to demand the unseating of management ( arguably a Board prerogative ).

But that process was halted ( 'at the 11th hour' ) in Ontario Superior Court due to the disputed requisition's procedural defects & making the Rule issue an upcoming AGM Agenda item ( T.S.C.C. # 2510 v ( certain ) Owners 2020 ONSC 6582 issued Oct 28/20 )

AGM votes to uphold RESTRICTIONS by Rule. ( The Agenda reportedly did not include purporting to terminate management. Some STR supporters argued that enforcement should be left to whatever the skillsets, jurisdiction & resources of the City applying its LPAT-upheld Bylaw )

Dec 4 2020 Financial Post “Twin condos an Airbnb battlefield “ ( subtitle : ‘I regret buying a unit in this building’: How the rise of Airbnb turned twin Toronto condo towers into a battleground’ ) by V. Subramaniam airbnb-turned-twin-toronto-condo-towers-into-a-battleground/
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