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JAIL SENTENCES for Nova Scotia NEIGHBOUR WARRIORS. But what lies ahead ? 2020/10/28 23:51  
Not legal advice , as usual.

In late September 2020 a sixty-ish couple from a neighbourhood on the south coast of Nova Scotia, received jail sentences of one and nine months respectfully ( plus post-release restraints).

This saga got attention even in a Province that last year saw 22 victims shot to death in Gabriel Wortman's notorious April 2019 rampage with look-alike RCMP cruiser.

The convicted couple's neighbourhood war is speculated to have been been triggered by a mere 2010 notification that their garage had been discovered to encroach on some sort of common use roadway, possibly private. It is reported that NO removal had been ordered, but that the intention was ( reportedly ) only to pre-empt claims under adverse possession. BUT then the war was on . . .

After a 4 day 2019 Nova Scotia Supreme Court jury trail in which the couple "defended themselves", they were found guilty of a range of offences from online harassment up to physical assaults. The accused reportedly even scuffled with court deputies.

On October 28/20 CBC national radio ran interviews with neighbours. Several expressed extreme concern about what the future will hold after this couple is eventually released . . . .

Sep 29/20 CBC Nova Scotia : “N.S. couple jailed for prolonged, nasty feud with neighbours” by Blair Rhodes CBC news/ updated Oct 28/20 on The Current (CBC radio) neighbours-1.5743463

Sep 29/20 Cape Breton Post : “Eastern Shore couple jailed for harassing, assaulting neighbours in property dispute” by Steve Bruce neighbours-in-property-dispute-503553/
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did frightened neighbours know an even wider background ? 2020/10/29 21:38  
Not legal advice.

Did the degree of concern expressed ( on CBC's The Current ) by neighbours, suggest a wider background particularly about the convicted male Mr *** ?

Readers may use a simple "name search" to find a 2001 Nova Scotia Supreme Court decision at

Is the Dartmouth area convicted Mr *** one & the same as a co-defendant in 2001 held civilly liable by N.S. Supreme Court for a bizarre mis – bailment & damage to a former associate’s business asset ? He & his brother were similarly self-represented there too. . . .
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