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Home Owners Association COMMANDO commercial has them laughing . . . 2020/06/07 18:44  
But CAI Community Associations Institute apparently doesn't officially share the humour.

In late May GEICO insurance aired a commercial in which new homeowners get acquainted with "HOA Cynthia".

One guesses that not only does humour attract more effectively than death or suffering, but that vexation or annoyance can be shown amusingly enough to influence consumers. That's instead of immediately driving them away.

Some previous GEICO commercials dared to place consumers at the mercy of disruptive clog-dancers in the unit above ! Or transient heavy metal bands that somehow invaded the kitchen like silverfish or cockroaches ! How the solution to their need is "bundling" GEICO policy coverages, is not particularly clear. . .

Anyway . . . .

The HOA Cynthia commercial rocketed enough attention to disturb some of the association clients of CAI which has a Canadian chapter.

The CEO of the main association has posted a defence of owners associations, claiming that owners associations have a far better image than the whacky HOA Cynthia.

HOA Cynthia :

CAI's Executive CEO asks for balance :

"CAI Statement In Response To A Recent Commercial Aired By GEICO Insurance" by Thomas M. Skiba, CAE
Chief Executive Officer; Community Associations Institute
( and with its own tongue in cheek : " . . . . Learning the facts about HOA living is so easy to do, a caveman could do it. . . . ) insurance/
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"funny because it's so true ! " ( COMMANDO commercial has them laughing ) 2020/06/09 12:17  
Whether or not "HOA Cynthia" is merely a caricature, the GEICO ad is getting well-deserved attention for its brilliance.

eg in final seconds : And feel free to SHARE THIS WITH OTHERS . .

BUT HOA Cynthia helpfully alerts :

"No. You need to get pre-approval from the Board before you share any videos !"

Amidst some comments are these from some HOA / condo experienced folks with some balance or reasonably open minds :

" It would be FUNNY, if only it weren't so TRUE !" ( from an ex PMgr )

" The HOA lady in the Geico ad is way more tactful and professional than some of the bad people I've seen in HOAs." ( from an experienced N.Y. lawyer who has sued the dickens out of N.Y. HOAs in the past including using the complex "derivative remedy" )

Another commenter noted that chainsawing the curbside mailbox post is a U.S. Federal crime ! ( But of course, who cares in the Wild West of some owners associations . . . )

* *

I Spot identifies the piece/ art ? as 'HOA Cynthia Advises New Neighbors' Ad ID: 2839594 30s; attributed to The Martin Agency , Horizon Media Inc
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