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Ex condo Pres KILLS FIVE (Chicago); New Hampshire CONDO LAWYER wants tough love at OWNER MEETINGS 2020/05/29 17:25  
A New Hampshire lawyer - formerly a teacher - has pointed to an October 2019 multiple homicide blood bath ( at a condo in Cook County Chicago ) as a warning of the need FOR AN IMMEDIATE CRACK DOWN on the slightest indication of aggressive interactions at Owners Meetings.

Sees owner behaviours getting more dangerous. As a former teacher he can presumably appreciate firm, consistent, commensurate discipline from the start. That's as soon as a voice is raised a second time after a warning.

Presumably he's talking about LAWFUL discipline.

Attorney Robert E. Ducharme says as a lawyer he laments being accused of illegality & totalitarianism. ( Hmmh ! How often is this ? ).

And he was disturbed at another condo lawyer reporting a knife pulled at a Board Meeting.

So he urges somehow barring an overly vociferoous owner from Owners Meetings for a year until receipt of proof of anger management therapy.

Just how this could be done without a judicial restraining order being put into place, is not clear.

But if it works in the classroom, then it must work in property & civil rights interactions without court orders. ( Incidentally could he even do so as a New Hampshire teacher - in a scenario short of violence - instead of by due process progressive disclipline culminating in a principal's imposing expulsion ? Maybe it could have been done in 1950 . . . ). Yes if it was a retail store a rage filled customer could be expelled by management . . .

Anyway what Mr Ducharme points to is a NON-MEETING MULTIPLE KILLING on a weekend evening in October 2019 at a group of 3 storey modest lowrises. ( * Please see articles as below with URL links by Deborah Goonan's interesting site Independent American Communities )

66 year old former condo PRESIDENT Krysztof Marek took his guns without warning and fatally shot FIVE ( 5 ) beighbours at random. Everyone involved apparently of Polish American persuasion.

Then he surrendered peacefully to arriving police.

The ex-President was described to be in the process of expulsion for arrears of condo fees & mortgage payments. He was already losing his home. It's unclear if he had raised his voice at an Owners Meeting after being warned by the Chair.

Media reports quoted residents & management that in the days before the homicides there had been indicators of rage from the killer.

So the rage indicators genuinely do have something to say in support of watching for danger indicators. But linking them to unexpected mass murder is a bit of a stretch.

Not sure why the New Hampshire attorney-columnist is hearing accusations of lawbreaking & totalitarianism. Do most of us ?

Should one guess that it could it be somehow connected to voodoo civil demand letters . . . . breach of state association laws . . . trying to herd owners along like cattle or reform school inmates . . . . ? Hope not.

May 28/20 “Behavior of some condo owners is only getting worse” by attorney Robert Ducharme ( Ducharme Law, P.L.L.C ) worse

* Oct 14/19 D Goonan Independent American Communities “Chicago man with “anger” issues charged with murder of 5 condo neighbors” murder-of-5-condo-neighbors/

Oct 15/19 Chicago Tribune : Chilling notes left : ‘Tomorrow!! No Mercy,’ b57azozouncnflaoxfw44don5a-story.html ( the notes were in Polish apparently . . .)
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