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Whether BOARD RESIGNATIONS at Ontario Condominium Authority ? 2020/04/09 14:37  
update April 22/20 :
A just released G & M article by Shane Dingman - sorry, subscription needed - reports CAO attempts to 'unring the bell' ! CAO biggies doing damage control, along with unconfirmed mixed speculation that CAO has been drifting dangerously towards working primarily for the property & civil rights of individual condo owners. Thousands of readers at the Canada News section of the giant U.S. website below, have been wondering which one of the resigned Directors is - whether in error ? - ( is ) alleged to have done what if anything at all . . . Sorta late; has that train left the station ?

“Silence descends after Ontario’s Condominium Authority board resignations” by Shane Dingman authority-board-resignations/

* *

At April 9 2020 the CANADA ITEMS section of U.S. internet site Community, has linked to what appears to be a Press Release announcing FOUR resignations from the seven member Board of Ontario's CONDOMINIUM AUTHORITY CAO.

If - IF - true, the effective date of the FOUR resignations is stated to be immediate.

Or is the Press Release merely a belated April Fools prank ?
It's not yet at CAO's press release site, which respectfully is less than current.

In the wording of the ( alleged ) Press Release the "background details" alleged about a single unidentified Board member, may surprise some.

Note that NO validation is provided as to the allegations. Would many want to continue volunteering if vicariously under some sort of cloud over one unidentified ? ( Yes, from the condo & Building Scheme universes of often retired volunteer homeowners, a classic response sometimes might instead be 'What Us Worry ?' )

Had there been occurring too many 4 : 3 votes on that Board ?

1 - Concurrent resignations by the four ( partially ) "electeds" apparently would leave only the three Provincial DIRECT "appointees" ( including the Chair ). Those three direct Provincial appointees control the nomination process itself. The Press Release & CAO site apply the adjective "elected" to the four positions now vacated, but apparently such term has to be seen as loosely modified so as to to maintain control by the Minister responsible through the three 'direct appointees'. ( It apparently ain't about "nominations from the floor", and maybe this is the far most credible way for the Legislature to ensure its control. )

Some of the four alleged departors were presumably "elected" from the approved Nomination list at COA's most recent General Meeting last September.

In the interim could the three remaining DIRECT "appointees" actually retain quorum as claimed on the seven Director Board ? See the text; one might have verify such from the legislation & prescribed Order(s) in Council . . .

2 - Amongst the remaining three direct "Provincial appointeds" is a well-known forensic auditor who took part in the Province's Consultations phases.

3 - Is it easy for observers to overlook the Press Release ? : Some cynics would point out that the ( alleged ) Press Release is both on a Thursday and on the verge of Good Friday. And of course amidst COVID-19 hysteria.

4 - Anyway, the alleged Press Release as currently worded :“Condominium Authority of Ontario Board Update - Official Statement”

5 - About the current CAO Board & its Officers :

“Board of Directors”
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Sorry, NO NOMINATIONS FROM THE FLOOR 2020/05/10 17:26  
Application process closes May 25th, 12:00am

Sorry no nominations from the floor.

BUT exactly who are the voters able to choose from among the Provincial appointees’ list of pre-vetted allowable nominees ?

( Yes, yes its about governance by a state - appointed regulator . )

April 29/20 CAO announcement :” Call for Candidates . . “ with link to apply
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