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Ontario Courts in PARTIAL SUSPENSION for COVID-19 PANDEMIC 2020/03/21 11:13  
( Not legal advice )

1 - Operations at Ontario's court system have been ( partially & selectively ) suspended for more than a week. Remote filings electronically seem to able to continue for now. . . .

At Ontario's general/overall courts portal the public is being upfront advised that :

Ontario Courts COVID-19 Notice

You should not attend an Ontario courthouse if:
• You have COVID-19-related symptoms;
• You have travelled outside Canada within the last 14 days; or
• You have been advised by a health professional or health authority to self-isolate.

All members of the public should avoid unnecessary visits to Ontario courthouses.

All the Ontario courts have modified their procedures and practices as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information about these temporary procedures and practices please click on the link for the Court of Appeal for Ontario, the Superior Court of Justice, or the Ontario Court of Justice. " unquote

2 - Each Ontario court division further shows specific Notices. Those amidst or contemplating one's own specific or personal interactions as part of some sort of process, should specially check these out.

ONSC Ontario's Superior Court of Justice for example shows amongst other Notices :

March 13/20 “Advisory Notice to Lawyers, Litigants, Witnesses, Jurors, Media, and Members of the Public Regarding COVID-19”

Further , the Small Claims Court sub-division of ONSC shows its own special Notices including :


3 - Some Tribunals offer an ODR online dispute resolution process. One such is CAO's : ONCAT Ontario's Condo Tribunal has been available ( albeit so far only for records access disputes ).

4 - Without definitive end in sight for pandemic-triggered disruptions, disputants respectfully should specially consider ADR alternative dispute resolutions.

Tele-conferenced ADR powered by good faith for example may be looking better & better, albeit pathologically beyond some disputants . . .

5 - The justice system addresses some pretty urgent stuff.

6 - Some defence lawyers & civil rights groups warn - with added credibility now - that Ontario's overcrowded incarceration system is a special COVID-19 bombshell . . . . just waiting to explode . . . .
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