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Tribunal defiers eventually comply BUT GET HIT by Compliance Order & costs THARANI v MTCC # 812 2020/01/13 12:33  
Why comply with - or even participate in - Ontario's Tribunal process ?

Faced with its condo corporation's gobsmackingly casual compliance with a Tribunal order, a winning Tribunal appellant goes further.

Upping the ante against the Tribunal-defiers, it persuades an Ontario civil judge to further issue an Ontario Condominium Act 1998 Section 134 Compliance Order including for 70 % of further costs.

The with-holders - or depressingly all owners - will have to suck up their own further defence costs too.

( Clarifies that FOUR MONTHS after CAT Tribunal Ordered performance & $ 2 K penalty, the condo corp. had substantially complied - albeit LATE. But at least the defiers got around in their own sweet time to supplying the records & possibly the Tribunal's $ 2 K award.

Superior Court further now awards $ 14 K of requester’s $ 19.5 K actual legals etc. including for the Section 134 application.

Without notice, the Requester is held unable to re-direct the costs onto PMC & Board members personally. )

Tharani Holdings Inc. v M.T.C.C. # 812, 2020 ONSC 189 issued Jan 10 /20

Tharani Holdings Inc. v M.T. C.C. # 812, 2019 ONCAT 3 issued Jan 19 /19
where total non-reponse had triggered $ 2K penalty & order to supply requested records
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