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HOW SAFE IS YOUR e-DATA ? COMMERCIAL LANDLORD's post-tenancy cleanout found massive data breach 2019/11/25 12:27  
Was this the good ole' cheapest alternative chosen by some small businesses including by an unnamed law firm ?

An unidentified Ottawa commercial IT tenant ( in arrears ) abandoned the leased premises along with a large trove of client data.

Such included hard disks - reportedly ten million files - & hardcopy material readily compromising the ex-tenant's IT clients. Included mailings from C.R.A. . . .

What's unusual is that after opportunities to redeem the tenancy and instead of just shipping the mess off to a waste site, this concerned landlord ultimately went to the expense & trouble of having the security breaches identified & resolved.

And of alerting CBC in a report that went national.

Was the careless ex-tenant the cheap choice of the small scale clients whose data has been shockingly & sociopathically compromised ?

Were the careless ex-tenant's clients themselves in breach of duty to their own customers & clients ? condo owners ?

Nov 22/19 CBC Ottawa “Landlord finds millions of confidential files left by defunct IT firm” cautionary-tale-1.5365619
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