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Neighbour's TORMENT VICTIM got FIVE YEARS in FOLSOM for naive CONTRACT TO MURDER- California 2018/07/30 12:58  
In 2000 a retired California senior & his wife bought into an upscale "gated" California waterfront shared ownership community called Lake of the Pines. Lovely place . . .

But 4 years later 65 year old WILLIAM WEISMANN would end up sentenced to FIVE YEARS in Folsom Prison for a naive & desperate attempt to arrange a contract to kill his nextdoor tormentor.

During whatever diligence BEFORE buying into adjacency to the tormentor, did the desperate victim fail to understand this volatile scenario ? Were RED FLAGS missed ? Just how closely should - and can - such purchase decisions meaningfully look at what immediate neighbours may be like ?

Reports are silent as to interactions between the prior owners of Weismann's home and the tormentor before 2000. Pairs of homes here are in close proximity, but observers' sightlines may be compromised.

Conflict between the “murder for hire” 2003 target tormentor & his HOA, appears to substantially pre-date and also follow the central events here between 2000 and 2004.

Neither the victim, police, mediator, nor HOA could halt the scofflaw torment, lawbreaking & alleged vandalism. What was it like ?

HOA notedly alleged that leaving one mediation attempt the tormentor actually vandalized HOA & mediator’s cars !

Before the eventual arrest of WEISMANN, leadup interactions had included the 43 year old scofflaw neighbour tormentor’s ’s trespassing, noxious dispersal of chemical sprays, alleged but unproven vehicle sabotage, leaf-blower racket during social visits . . . etc. Water in Weismann's gastank. Weismann's windshield smashed. . . .

The interactions culminated in mutual restraining orders, such being virtually useless given the adjacency of the compact waterfront lots.

Weismann's tormentor ignored litigation, HOA interventions with mediator, fines imposed by HOA. . . .


Such efforts also failed to prevent massive 11th hour vandalism – not proven of course against the tormentor - when his victim Weismann & wife vacationed elsewhere.( Presumably these victims in 2003 lacked security cameras in place.)

Powerless against the vandalism, victim Weismann may have just snapped at the failure of all sanctions to halt the whole torment scenario. BUT . . .

Easily detected for stupid & naive attempt to next set up a contract killing of his scofflaw tormentor, Weismann was arrested & convicted of soliciting murder & sentenced to FIVE YEARS in Folsom Prison. ( By U.S. sentencing standards, that may have been a light sentence on the senior )

Bottom line may be :

Whatever red flags may have been missed by Weismann and his wife as potential buyers before 2000, moving next to their tormentor was arguably a high risk. And as evidence . . .

Even a decade later, public fear of the still-resident tormentor ( & adverse community publicity ) caused some ex-neighbours to talk on camera only with identity & voice distorted electronically.

- I.D. channel’s “Welcome to Murder Street” ( Fear Thy Neighbour series )

- Sep 4/03 The Union “Dreams end in desolation” by Richard Somerville

- Feb 20/04 Auburn Journal “LOP sued over dock at center of hitman hire plot”
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