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What is O.Reg. 180/17? 2017/12/12 17:29  
Here's my latest:

Bob Driscoll, you might understand the role of O.Reg. 180/17 better than me. I look forward to your comments.
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What is O.Reg. 180/17 ? 2017/12/12 22:18  
Wonder who's got expertise - not me - as to the periodic Reg-prescribing work-in progress ?

Your blog nails an excerpt from the Ontario Gazette whose components merged into a larger version applicable June 8/17 to Sep 28/17 with items not yet implemented.

With those additions published June 24/17 the work in progress interim version then seems to have become

Looks like lots of stuff arriving from beyond the conventional condo universe. . . . new Green Energy reporting . . . degrees of EV charging rights . . . Should keep lawyers & managers busy or looking essential.

Remember how simple was the Dec 1998 process kept behind closed doors ? ? "Here's the Regs : Live with them" etc
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