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Forms Order issued November 1 2017 2017/11/01 23:49  
1- The November 1 2017 Minister's ( OReg 48/ 01) Order with list of 15 new Forms but apparently not anything about the former Form 14 - is at

Order of the Minister of Government and Consumer Services
Condominium Act, 1998 S.O. 1998, c. 19, as amended
Regarding Forms under Ontario Regulation 48/01 condominium-act-1998

2 - 56 condo-law Forms are shown as “56 pages within the topic: Condominium Act 1998”

3 - Got a couple of hours to spend sorting through a linear list of 504 M.G.S. Land Registry Forms of all types with bizarrely unresponsive search function ? Yes, the above for now is currently near the top . . .
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Some links & professional user comments : Province helps Form usage ! 2018/02/13 12:58  
Remember before 2010 how accessible were Ontario condo Forms tucked into the back of Regs 48/01 and 49/01 ?

And actually numbered ?

And comparatively easy to access, even if not always easy for governancers & public to use ?

Some resources include :

- Feb 8/18 “Freaking awful” by lawyer Chris Jaglowitz ( Gardiner Miller Arnold LLP ) freaking-awful/
“There’s no sugar-coating it. The new prescribed forms under the amended Condo Act regulations are generally terrible . . . . “.

- Good index / URL links –
“Condo Act Forms “ Davidson Houle Allen LLP forms.pdf

D Lash LLB

J Duquette LLB
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