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More Act changes ? PROVINCE TO REQUIRE E-V CHARGE STATIONS AS OF RIGHT ? 2017/06/13 00:58  
1- In a Provincial election lead-up, is the Wynne administration already floating electric vehicle stations as of right - ie to override refusals by condo corporations ?

CBC Toronto June 12/17
" Ontario Condo Act a roadblock for electric vehicle owners. Province looking for input into making condos plug-in friendly"

2 - Was Queens Park aware how imminent are its anecdotally latest revised dates of implementing changes in progress for years ?

But of course , maybe they would have had to re-legislate anyway . . . eg how can mere Regs override Provincial condo law as to insurance deductible by-laws, a problem the Province may not have grasped fully until recently despite the warnings including at Legislative Hearings ?

Revised dates for Ontario condo law changes :

Undated but displaying the provincial Trillium logo ( alerted June 13/17 by Davidson Houle Allen LLP ) : en-vigueur-des-nouvelles-modifications-la-loi-sur-les-condominiums?e=0684a3d314

June 12/17 Ontario
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20 % PLUG-INS into Building Code for NEW construction, but OTTAWA e-v owner's moving on 2017/11/02 23:38  
Nov 2/17 CBC Ottawa “ Ottawa woman giving up fight after condo board shut down her proposal”

"I've learned I'm probably not well-suited for condo living," ( e-v applicant ) Kimberley Hsiung said. "For my own mental health I'm trying to move on "

Main title : "Power struggle pitting electric car owners against condo boards rages on"

SEE also : O. Reg. 139/17: BUILDING CODE
filed May 17, 2017 under Building Code Act, 1992, S.O. 1992, c. 23
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Province invites REG change COMMENTS : slamdunk EV charge stations; deadline Jan 2/18l 2017/12/09 01:32  
6 months after CBC Toronto alerted as cited here :

Regulatory proposal under the Condominium Act, 1998 ( changes to O.Reg 48/01
Proposal 17-MGCS021

Posting Date: December 1, 2017
Comments Due Date: January 2, 2018

Dec 8/17 Financial Post : “Ontario mulling changes to Condo Act in the hopes of increasing electric vehicle adoption. The province has released five proposals and said it is considering implementing 'one or more' of the changes" of-increasing-electric-vehicle-adoption
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preparing for possible imposed Provincial criteria ( demands for E-V CHARGE STATIONS AS OF RIGHT ) 2017/12/09 12:19  
Dec 1/17 lawyer Rod Escayola ( Gowlings WLG ) article with URL links to the Province's proposal

( Whether such would beat the coming election timetable. NOTE : prescribing Regs doesn't require a seated Legislature )

“Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Condos ?”

" . . . At the end of the day, the issue mainly revolves around cost : who will pay for what ? We have developed an Electric Vehicle Policy for condo corporations wishing to address these questions fairly. . . . "

UPDATE JAN 30 2018

“Electric vehicle plan could present problems”
Law Times January 22, 2018 15217/
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(Condo Act 1998 ) O. Reg 114/18 E-V CHARGE STATIONS like them or not 2018/03/26 21:10  
- March 26/18 R Escayola LLB : “ New Electric Vehicle Charging Requirements for Condos” Ontario

Article links to

( Vetting process to culminate end runs around s 97 & 98 including applicant-paying approval process within exclusive use space ) :

Condo Act 1998 O.Reg. 114/18 filed March 23/18
( no generic title applied yet ; apparently is EVCS )

Province's Plain language Guide “ Guide to Condo Act changes GUIDE TO KEY CONDO A CT CHANGES TAKING EFFECT IN FALL 2017 & EARLY 2018 “

See pg 28-31 Section 6 “EVCS Electric vehicle charging systems “ Condo_Act_Returns_EVCS_Plain_Language_Guide_Mach_23.pdf
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