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SLAM-DUNKING condo Boards ? CBC Toronto identifies targetting of BOARD SEATS by a trio 2017/05/18 01:08  
A CBC Toronto investigative journalism series has gone viral with a close look at a trio of individuals targetting Toronto condo Board seats. PLEASE NOTE THAT CBC's series cite no convictions, nor any allegations of criminality.

From Queens Park's own backyard come unproven allegations of large-scale misuse of proxies by this trio to gain seats on different GTA Boards.

The allegations lead uncomfortably to unproven implications that the sought Board seats really target construction deficiency claims & all types of contracts, particularly from those corporations amidst turnover from Declarants.

If the Ontario government EVER looks far enough outside its border, it might see some disturbing but unproven risks & concerns uncomfortably parallel to the rise of the notorious Las Vegas Nevada Leon Benzer gang.

( The BENZER GANG targetted membership on - or strategic control of - condo & HOA Boards to next skim & defraud using 'straw men' and corrupt cronies. Proxy abuse & outright bribes preceded Benzer's skimming & frauds

NEW 'turn-over' Boards offered a chance to file & skim from construction deficit claims like VISTANA's settled for $20 M (U.S.) more than half next diverted . . . ( see below )

The Benzer Gang's tentacles ultimately were able to reach far enough into the Nevada judiciary & Las Vegas police, that only FBI and U.S. Justice Department intervention stopped it !

Although in August 2015 Leon Benzer was ultimately sentenced to ONLY 15 & 1/2 years of imprisonment, there occurred a number of lawyer suicides and 40 other criminal convictions ). A member of the Nevada judiciary has also been the subject of disturbing conspiracy allegations. )

NOTE : CBC's series cite no convictions, nor any allegations of criminality.

1 - CBC Toronto series

May 17/17 “Condo clash: Court battles, forgery allegations and questions over who controls Toronto highrises” By John Lancaster & Michael Smee

May 17/17 CBC Toronto “Questionable proxies shut down Charles Street condo election, sources say 'Don't sign a proxy. Go to the meeting,' lawyer advises condo owners” sources-say-1.4118643

May 16/17 CBC Toronto “ Condo board approved energy contract that benefited a member's colleague.Residents at The Element pay almost $100K more for hydro, company director cites 'complicated issues'

2 - The BENZER GANG - a mere sample :

March 27/16 Las Vegas Review- Journal “Deposition says HOA fraud figure was warned about FBI raids by State Supreme Court Justice XXX” state-supreme-court-justice-saitta

Oct 15/15 “Disbarred lawyer dies in federal custody” scheme-dies-in-federal-custody/

xcrpted : "A lawyer convicted in the scheme to take over and defraud homeowners associations has died in federal custody . . . He was among 42 defendants convicted in the long-running investigation regarded as the largest public corruption case in Southern Nevada."

April 9/12 LV Review-Journal “14 new plea deals filed in Las Vegas-area HOA fraud case”

Dec 8/11 Bloomberg Businessweek “The King of All Vegas Real Estate Scams. A twisted tale of how homeowners were bilked by those they least suspected: their neighbours” by Felix Gillette

xcrpted : " . . . As Las Vegas’s housing supply exploded, so did the competition among lawyers and contractors to represent new homeowner associations in so-called construction-defect lawsuits.

It was in this environment, according to plea agreements recently unsealed in an ongoing FBI investigation, that a shadowy outfit cooked up a brazen scheme.

When a new development was nearing completion, the group would buy a couple of units in the community and then transfer partial ownership of the condos to individuals secretly on its payroll, according to court documents.

While pretending to be residents of the communities, these “straw buyers” would run for leadership positions on boards of the new homeowner associations.

By paying off community managers, hiring private investigators to find dirt on legitimate candidates, and rigging elections, the documents allege, the straw buyers were able to infiltrate boards at several new developments in Las Vegas from 2003 to 2008.

Once in control of the boards, the straw buyers would then use their governing positions to steer millions of dollars in construction and legal fees back to their co-conspirators. . . .

. . . . . . In the fall of 2007 the Vistana board announced it had reached a $19.1 million settlement with Rhodes Homes.

Of that—according to a recent accounting by current Vistana board members—about $11 million in legal fees and reimbursement expenses went to two firms. ( including that of XXXX below )

That left $8.1 million for repairs.

. . . Shortly after, as the money ran out, the board members connected to Silver Lining Construction stopped showing up at meetings. . . . In August 2011 a Clark County grand jury indicted ( lawyer XXXX ) on multiple felony charges, including first-degree arson and insurance fraud. . . . According to prosecutors XXXX had taken some sleeping pills and set her house on fire in an attempt to kill herself. "

*** from Aug 18/11 LV Review Journal “Federal prosecutors accused in Quon case” ( link interrupted() " . . . XXXX was "getting information leaked to her," DiGiacomo said. . . "
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SLAM-DUNKING condo Boards ? 2017/05/18 09:51  
CBC's National TV News ( Wed May 18/17) item reports that the named individuals were invited by CBC to comment.

CBC indicates that several have now responded and deny doing anything wrong.

The CBC investigation invites the question "Why would some usually unpaid multiple Board positions attract strenuous campaigning, possibly by non owners/non-residents ?

Is there something particularly advantageous about assuming such responsibilities including highrises amidst turnover from Declarants ? Could it be ccntracts & future construction deficiency claims ?

Or at least some potential opportunities compelling enough to trigger vigorous legal appeals against some of their proxies being disqualified or their being unseated ? ?

Why cling to power if you're NOT an owner ?

To get answers for suspicious owners why is it left to the CBC - like the Las Vegas Review Journal ?
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SLAM-DUNKING condo Boards ? CBC Toronto identifies targetting of BOARD SEATS by a trio 2017/06/01 09:54  
May 26/17 CBC To “Owners push out serial board members who didn't live in the building. Multiple board members at Five condo building to resign Friday in wake of CBC Toronto investigation”
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Report raises concerns : SLAM-DUNKING condo Boards 2017/07/18 17:06  
( from July 17/17 Ottawa Business Journal ) Why an out of town investigation ?

" Ottawa lawyers scuttle attempted condo board takeover.
Nelligan O’Brien Payne condominium lawyer finds evidence of forgery, manipulation of election process"
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