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Condo Office Website appears 2017/04/06 18:30  
Richard Forster
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Re:Condo Office Website appears 2017/04/06 22:01  
Hi Richard . And to go with it a website for

The Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (CMRAO)
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OPEN BOOK - unlike proposed in Ontario - at BC 's online Civil Dispute 2017/04/07 13:05

But sadly its to be a less-than-open-book about Ontario condo disputes under the minor dispute aspects of the Authority.


Why withhold the identities where a public dispute resolution forum is used ?

Such withholding at Ontario's Landlord & Board (RTA 2006) has been argued justified by fears of facilitating unbalanced or possibly unfair "Tenants from Hell" lists. It's left to the Toronto Star & private landlords to do such sleuthing . .
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Roger ()
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Re:Condo Office Website appears 2017/04/08 00:17  
Licensing of Managers

It looks like ACMO is the sole licensor

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NOMINAL vs EFFECTIVE control of licensing to deliver management/services ? 2017/04/08 10:58

Licence-seekers/upgraders will need to prove working oversight, all within some sort of body of management knowledge. ACMO cannot avoid being even indirectly a central player. Will the Management Authority be like TARION ?

1- Is it a mere veneer of "arms-length separation" from what has been left private/ ACMO-accredited for more than 4 decades under the formal Ontario Condominium REALTY model ?

or ?

2 - Does an appearance of active government regulation actually deter abuse & genuinely enhance standards ?

See also comment from the Bullying Ontario topic below :
( "This ain't like Ontario : Florida Cable TV/media trigger Grand Jury into weak state oversight" )

Is this protecting the public ? After one too many 115 % supervised or investigated condo election turnouts , one Florida legislator has proposed criminal prosecutions of corrupt regulators themselves after shocking Florida Grand Jury Report cited below . . .
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