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MICHIGAN condo corp sued by PRIESTS for break & enter after Board change & unilateral intervention 2017/02/24 10:46  
( Unilateral vigilante intervention can be dramatic.

Boards may miss a 'bigger property & civil rights picture' if their skillsets go no further than site-specific, possibly voodoo covenants. Like 'charge-backs' without a legislative basis in Ontario and some other jurisdictions. . And sometimes owners might naively misunderstand the risks of verbal reliance without documentation.)

A Michigan USA cable TV affiliate exposes a unilateral physical entry & substantial physical alteration by a condo corporation opposed to CASEMENTING-TYPE crank out porch windows.

Now suing for break & enter the owner priests believed that their windows had been accepted by the prior Board or its approval committee.

BUT then an electoral change . . . and with locksmith a surreptitious physical intervention without court order . . . surprises & shocks the priests

The possibly naive clericals apparently didn't realize they were in any sort of dispute . . . Maybe they were foolish not to insist on an approved exemption in a written form from the former Board or committee.

Independent American Communities Feb 21./17 “MI condo association being sued by priests for breaking and entering” by D. Goonan for-breaking-and-entering/ )

Feb 9/17 WJRT/ABC 12 “ Priests worried for well-being after dispute with Bay County condominium association” condominium-association-413326473.html

quotes the corporation's attorney about the intervention 'out of the blue' :

“Whenever they got there, we said, ‘Let’s get going’. The priests didn't happen to be there and we didn't know exactly when they were going to be there,” he said. “Enforce the by-laws and compel the two priests to abide by the by-law provision just like everybody else has to do.”
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MICHIGAN condo corp sued by PRIESTS for break & enter after Board change & unilateral intervention 2017/02/24 15:33  
Did these priests fail to see through a glass darkly ?

"Yes Fathers, thy casement windows shall be blessed & welcome at the Inn".

But how should a priest next say : "I don't trust you. Put it in writing !"

Wouldn't a Devil's Advocate say that the Road to Hell may be lined with casement windows which have to be latched for cleaning ? Or when open could be deadly weapons of landscaper injury ?
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