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Court enforces LAWFUL ALBERTA fines & orders removal of illegal in-suite washing machines 2016/11/24 19:59  
Unlike Ontario, Alberta condo law actually enacts court enforcement of FINES, specifically for violations of reasonable bylaws.

Self-help remedies, bogus charge backs & misuse of liens are not legalized.

Alta’s Condominium Property Act RSA 2000 c C-22 contains sections 35 & 36 allowing collection of CONDO FINES FOR BY-LAW VIOLATIONS but POINTEDLY by court ordered enforcement , such only for violation of bylaws that are drafted & applied meeting a reasonability test.

CC # 0723447 v Anders 2016 ABQB 656 issued Nov 22/16

A court official upholds a self-ceilinged $ 6 K in Edmonton condo fines against SRL multiple unit owners. They defied orders & Act compliant procedures to remove by-law violating in-suite washing machines that caused t the usual havoc & safety issues in the converted complex. After 2013 backups, fines were (procedurally upheld) levied at $ 250 per month per unit which condo corp ceilinged at $6K total as awarded here plus FULL INDEMNITY costs & disbursements ‘solicitor client‘. The buckshee machines are ordered out.
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