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2007 CONDO TRIPLE MURDERS (retired Federal Justice GARON): surveillance images not retained 2015/02/20 11:50  
The public curtain may be dropped judicially today or tomorrow in Ottawa, onto the bizarre details & identifiers of a suspected perpetrator of a 2007 Ottawa condo triple killing at the victims' highrise luxury condo.

The numerous common element surveillance cameras at the 2007 scene were NOT storing any images ( sources : press & police).

But flash forward seven and a half years instead to a smallscale condo venue ELSEWHERE with clarity & image-storing capacity.

The Ottawa Citizen has published extensively (including name) about an individual taken into custody 2 months ago after lobby condo surveillance camera images - superficially unrelated to the 2007 triple killings elsewhere in Ottawa - were released to the public in December 2014.

Those December 2014 clear images went viral. Nation-wide frontpage reports triggered cabinet member denunciation of the crime.

The images were alleged to link to what has been described as the shocking attempted murder ( by plastic bag suffocation ) of a 101 year old veteran during a home invasion.

They also were linked to a surveillanced ATM usage afterwards. Once viral the images triggered a critical tip to police.

But a lot more shocking has been the identity & background of the accused. Not the end of it either . . .

More shocking again was the recent Ottawa Citizen publication of police-alleged DNA links between the detained individual, the December 2014 attempted suffocation murder attempt, and the unsolved June 2007 condo triple murders of retired Federal Court Justice Alban Garon, his wife and a visiting neighbour - all seniors.

Police are revisiting unsolved, lethal attacks on senior victims including a non-condo home invasion death three months before the 2007 triple murders.

With mental review now submitted there will arise a range of possible criminal charges.

IF SO there will also arise the right of any charged individual to - among other choices - a FAIR TRIAL with the option of factuals determined by an impartial jury of peers. The blizzard of shocking press disclosures - even hitting CBC National News - may jeopardize (or not ) such a jury option.

In Citizen reports individuals attribute (to the detained individual) strong anti-union, anti-senior and anti-bureaucrat attitudes, a likely incendiary provocation to Ottawa area jury pools. And imagine facing a legal process accused of a retired judge's murder . .

TWO condo aspects :

1 - Do surveillance cameras deter crime ?
For the 2007 luxury condo triple murders, despite a manned gatehouse and numerous surveillance cameras prominently in many positions it is reported that there was NO retained footage. Not at gatehouse, entrances nor hallway. The 2014 scenario elsewhere was different ( . . . but was the industry's change understood by whomever the attacker ? )

Do fake recording or surveillance devices contribute to a 'backup camera' effect ? To VICTIMS falsely relying on an illusory protection or deterrence ?

Whether potential victims - unaware that ubiquitous cameras are not actually recording nor being surveiiled even retroactively - may possibly be lowering their scrutiny ?

The 2007 condo surveillance issues will be revisited inevitably.

But in 2014 - whether a factor or not in deterrence or possible false expectations - the December 2014 incident ( at a small condo community ) was followed by the release of significant and inculpatory imagery from lobby and from an ATM machine elsewhere.

This image reportedly triggered a report that identified the murder suspect now charged with the Garon triple murders six and a half years earlier.

2- Are serious crime scenes stigmatized?

A possible secondary issue is a realty stigmatizing / disclosuring issue inasmuch as the Ottawa Citizen has now actually identified by number the unit itself site of the 2007 triple murders. ( See Bob Aaron column - ToStar )


Watch for details.
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Markie ()
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Re:2007 CONDO TRIPLE MURDERS (retired Federal Justice GARON): surveillance images not retained 2015/02/24 08:43  
Hello there, Bob. You had asked, "Do surveillance cameras deter crime ?"

Seems as though that the cameras themselves do not.

Add to that the fact that it is seemingly common knowledge nowadays that all too often, the cameras are not working and no one is properly managing recordings, if any have been made and maintained.

Your post brought to mind my experiences in our old highrise condo, namely the ability for residents to tune in to a cable channel which was dedicated to the building's entry camera 24/7, except for the occasional glitch. Of course, anyone with a VCR could record the channel to their hearts content. But I had been curious about the other 10 or so cameras mounted at various locations such as the parking garage and inquired, why can't ALL the cameras be fed through the cable to everybody's unit? Never did receive an answer though I'm sure it would have been along the lines of, "that would be too much of an added cost."

Anyhow, there were times when I'd be watching the main entry door's camera on our TV and noticed how quite a few non-residents would enter, without using the intercom but rather by closely following a resident who opened the secure door with their fob. By the way, the automatic door mechanism which had been installed to make life easier for the large number of elderly dwellers, kept the door open for no less than 12 seconds. Plenty of time for someone else to just walk right in.

To me, it all seems like the placebo effect and the only ones who have benefitted from the installation of thousands of owner's dollars worth of so-called "security" technology, are the vendors selling their wares.
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Re:2007 CONDO TRIPLE MURDERS (retired Federal Justice GARON): surveillance images not retained 2015/02/25 22:17  
The Privacy Commissioner has very strict rules about images, storing, and their use, for condos (were are residential properties) and commercial, since both have different levels of privacy, security and expectations.

In 2007 tapes may have been around. Now everything is digital and stored on hard drives.

In condoland expecting someone (other than a nosey owner) to sit at the screen and be on speed dial to the police is beyond what anyone can expect, but often what people think should be the reality.

Cameras are there to be witness - not protection.

The wiring in the new condos doesn't even belong to the condo. Rogers or Bell has the rights to what connects to TVs now.

Cameras are smaller, need less light and now can be remotely controlled too, but it is not a lobby show to see who is visiting who.
Richard Forster
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Re:2007 CONDO TRIPLE MURDERS (retired Federal Justice GARON): surveillance images not retained 2015/02/26 10:36  
Hi Richard. excellent observations.

As of 2001 the 3 tower gated complex ( later triple murders site; several hundred units at least ) was festooned with camera installations. But without image retention ( nor likely even enough monitoring of half of them ) it would have been very easy to believe that home invasion by non-residents would NOT even be attempted. In 2007 how many owners knew there wasn't any ongoing image retention (except possibly Board members)? So suspicions centred for some time on a possible "insider job".

Flash forward however to mere 11 unit complex in Dec 2014 : this time very sharp images but again not protection, only a later tool for police.
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Re:2007 CONDO TRIPLE MURDERS (retired Federal Justice GARON): surveillance images not retained 2015/02/26 17:52  
Residents don't ask about the Privacy policies do they?

Do condos have rules about retention, who gets to see it, how and when?
Richard Forster
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Markie thanks for comnents : surveillance images not retained 2015/02/27 17:07  
Hi Markie

Thanks for excellent comments too. Hope all is going well.

You may have hit it exactly on the button about the Garon site with gating and numerous non-recording cameras. Linked or not by DNA, as many as three senior crime scenes with the plastic bag scenario, have been identified. The senior victims/target victim just deceased, would not have seen much threat in the late 50s, accused "citizen above suspicion" now charged. Not looking like the Charles Manson gang and claiming City employment . . . maybe sweeps right inside on the tails of other entrants . . .
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Markie ()
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Re:2007 CONDO TRIPLE MURDERS (retired Federal Justice GARON): surveillance images not retained 2015/03/03 12:44  
Thanks, Bob.

I guess it comes down to; who do you trust and how seriously concerned are you and the other stakeholders about your condominium's security?

As you could probably appreciate, I'm at the mercy of a 24 hour laundromat for the time being after the luxury of having a washer and dryer down the hallway whenever I needed it. I usually go very early, before sun up and traffic and on a few occasions, run into a homeless person napping away or watching the TV but obviously not using the machines. No big deal, just rather sad. I'd noticed that there are plenty of cameras mounted at the front and rear of the business and it dawned on me, there's a lot of coin in those machines. Could be a considerable amount of money there though it would require a fair level of effort to make it worth the while in stealing it. Makes sense that the owner appears to be serious about having plenty of "witnesses" should a crime occur. That is provided of course that the cameras are actually working. I have noticed something interesting at this laundromat as well as other businesses. They not only have the more standard security camera systems installed, but there's also web-based cameras (IP Security Camera System) for a feed to go virtually anywhere, 24/7. This internet feed can certainly be sent directly to a cell phone, wirelessly.

Keep in mind, there's a sector of the industry based solely on the marketing of so called "dummy cameras." They are completely fake and do nothing other than blink a little red LED light possibly. A deterrent? Perhaps. But that kind of equates to someone bringing a cap pistol to a gun fight!

There is even solar powered security camera systems available so wiring is a non issue.

Great subject!
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Hearing begins : CONDO TRIPLE MURDERS : surveillance images not retained 2016/02/08 02:04  
Publication-banned Hearing begins for accused triple murderer arrested 7 years after cameras - not empty this time - recorded another alleged murder attempt at a different condo.

FLASHBACK to 2007 : " videocameras . . .videocameras . . . everywhere . . . a 24 hour security presence including at entrance guardhouse . . . 'We must be safe' . . . "

But then a shocking triple murder. Victims include a retired Federal tax court judge. Reportedly no images being recorded at all ! . . . Then 7 years later an even more shocking arrest in the same city, of middle-ager after notorious attempted murder rocks the nation . . .

Feb 4/16 Citizen “ Preliminary hearing begins for Ottawa man accused of triple murder involving tax judge” triple-murder-involving-tax-judge


April 3/17 Ottawa Citizen “Ian Bush pleads not guilty as trial begins in 2007 triple slaying” slaying
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'BLIND SPOT EFFECT' ? CAMERAS . . CAMERAS . EVERYWHERE but surveillance images not retained 2017/04/07 12:23  
With an Ottawa criminal trial now underway for 2007 condo triple murders, the unveiled Crown evidence confirms an aspect that may have been 'news-managed' out of public view.

Media-reported only briefly in 2008 and in passing by the by the CBC in 2015, there had been at least eight visible security cameras onsite on the day of the 2007 murders. I saw some of these in 2002.

BUT on the day of the 2007 murders NONE of those were set to record any images at all.

The Crown has accordingly only presented as evidence, video recordings from nearby Hurdmans Public Transit station. The Crown alleges those show the accused immediately before & after the murders.

Effectively 'managed out of sight' seems to have been any public discussion of one aspect.

Without a possible deterrence & civil rights/privacy issues aside, do the visible but illusory presence of a highrise condo’s NON-RECORDING devices, contribute dangerously to a 'backup camera' effect ? That is . . .

Do VICTIMS - unaware that images are not being recorded - falsely rely on an illusory protection or deterrence ?

Like some pedestrians now carelessly strolling into vehicles' rear blind spots blissfully expecting to be protected by backup cameras & warning alerts ?

Were the 2007 condo murder victims - but not the killer(s) - lulled into some lowered sense of danger by the non-recording cameras without knowing there would be NO images retained ?

Relevant is anecdotal evidence that the day before murders – in her targetted husband's absence - victim Mrs Garon had even opened the unit door to a purported delivery-person seeking her husband personally.

( The accused’s fake IDs located after arrest, include fake deliveryman's. Reports do not cite indications of the murderer breaking into the unit physically. )

Also relevant may be the disdain for surveillance - or bravado - of an individual arrested after the December 2014 attempted murder of a veteran at a different Ottawa condo.

That later attack retained clear images.

The later attacker is allegedly the actual accused now on trial for the 2007 murders.

He had been totally off anyone's screen . . . no DNA match . . . a "citizen above suspicion" . . . No image of him at all recorded on site despite all the cameras . . .

So the issue : Do secretly non-recording - or even non-functional CCTV devices - create a dangerous 'blind spot' effect ?
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'BACKUP CAMERA EFFECT' ? CAMERAS . . CAMERAS . . . EVERYWHERE but surveillance images not retained 2017/04/08 21:59  
1- An Ottawa multiple murder trial has heard property management testimony that confirms that CCTV cameras - at what had seemed a High Security condo complex - were NOT recording images on the day of 2007 murders.

Nor during a suspected 'dry run' by the murderer 2 days prior. Nor anytime in that period

2 - Bizarrely Ottawa police responders - first alerted a day after the murders - quickly discovered a rearside gate "buzzing" (sic) at the high security complex.

Whether or not such rear gate had even been used by the murderer to avoid front entrance gatehouse security, sounds like no response had occurred at all . . .

3 - Did the non-recording cameras create a false sense of deterrence ?

Court heard that TWO DAYS before the suffocation murders – in her targetted husbands’s absence - by herself Mme Garon had actually opened the unit door to a purported delivery-person seeking the ex-judge personally !

( N. B. - Accused’s fake IDs after arrest include fake deliveryman ) .

Reports do not cite indications of the murderer breaking in physically .

4 - The Crown claims that DNA at the crime scene place the accused there.

5 - 61 year old consultant beyond suspicion Ian Bush was ultimately identified from retained imagery at a different condo site 7 and a half years later. An attempt had been made in Dec 2014 to murder another senior using the same plastic bag suffocation technique used in the triple murders.

Bush was allegedly also identified from imagery withdrawing cash from the later victim's bank account.


If - IF - the Crown's allegations are ultimately held correct, an amateur 'targetting assassin' had zero problem getting away with a "perfect" triple murder for almost 8 years.

The double guardhouse & ubiquitous but NON-RECORDING CCTV cameras didn't even provide an image of him. What was there for him to fear ?

Now shockingly mentioned in the opening arguments, the killer(s) may even have slipped over or through a low iron gate rearside.

That gate's described "buzzing" may even have been "buzzing" - an alarm - for more than a day until after the police attended the crime scene

Or maybe there is no connection to the murders at all beyond raising another governance/security/ credibility issue. . . .

Was this bigger picture the 'REAR BACKUP CAMERA' effect in action when one or more of victims interacted in some way at their own unit door on the 27th and 29th of July 2007 ?

UPDATEs : With accused pleading NOT GUILTY, trial hears brutal pathology testimony. Property management back in the witness box . . . but subsequent news reports are silent about any internal management/governance outcomes, contract terminations. . .

April 25- 27/17 : family & financial disfunctionality. Inculpatory testimony for the Crown from accused's ex-wife & by now-adult son - ironically now a criminologist !

Crown questioning may hint a possible form of insanity defence as Plan B : wife is questioned about a crime novel allegedly being written by the accused . . . .
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Murder conviction, but WERE THEY VICTIMS OF FALSE SENSE of SECURITY ? 2017/05/24 12:17  
7 or 8 security guardhouse & highrise entrance cameras were available for live-monitoring at this luxury highrise complex.

But none retained images in 2007 when 3 seniors were killed.

At their unit front door did the victims naively admit their killer on that deadly day ? Or shockingly even twice admit or interact with a murderous Fake Deliveryman ?

For several Cold Case years there were suspicions of some sort of "insider killings" until a "similar fact" condo unit invasion elsewhere in December 2014.

In that other site's condo lobby, a deadly home invader was image-recorded claiming entry as a (fake)city inspector. ( Ian Bush investigators later found his fake IDs ). The invader's victim however survived. Concealed lobby recording cameras did not deter the invader at this other site.

Identified by retained imagery at that other non-related location early in 2015, 61 year old IAN BUSH has now been convicted & sentenced to life imprisonment for the 2007 triple murders. He will be tried for the later condo invasion.


1- Condo corporations are no more guarantors nor insurers of safety than of many other things. Foolish risks sometimes get taken by victims or others.

BUT if recording devices are unnoticed they may not deter home invaders even allowing identification & arrest later.

With visible cameras, are residents more likely to open the door to an unscheduled Delivery or whatever ? IF HIGHLY VISIBLE as at the 2007 location - do they contribute to a false sense of resident security ? Especially in the context of a guardhouse & luxury amenities ?

What if criminal-purpose entrants are neither noticed 'live' nor retained by recording ?

Falsely secure enough to interact - to even open ? - one's own unit door the door to a deadly Fake Deliveryman on some sort of trial run ?

2 - Change the facts slightly : from a killer's alleged multiple visits, to a rapist,thief or child molester opportunistically scouting door to door for victims. As statutory "occupiers" of the common elements, ONTARIO CONDO CORPORATIONS are under an O.L.A. duty of care owed to residents, visitors, emergency responders etc albeit not "criminal purpose enterors". ( Occupiers Liability Act 1990 ch O.2 ) as follows :

Occupier’s duty

3. (1) An occupier of premises owes a duty to take such care as in all the circumstances of the case is reasonable to see that persons entering on the premises, and the property brought on the premises by those persons are reasonably safe while on the premises. . . . )

( footnote : in Ontario's REAL Wild West of the Building Scheme universe, there may be no such scenario, registration neither covenanting such nor a corporation owning/"occupying" any common lands. Be happy, you folks in innocent condo land . . . )

3 - Keeping it Quiet

This criminal process has paid minimal direct attention to the common element security aspects. If an "insider killer" had not been potentially part of Bush's defence, it would expect little attention. Lawful private security choices - hopefully compatible with property & civil rights - are left elsewhere to the stakeholders to assess & possibly litigate.

In this case the print media, other owners & condo management have been silent except for initial press speculation noted above.

4 - Security Lessons left from the murder trial's evidence

But a just released 'evidence admissibility' judgment shows the Bush defence failed to get the court to exclude "hearsay evidence" about one victim's alleged unit door interaction with the alleged Fake Deliveryman / killer on a dry run .

That hear-said scenario ties in with a home invader scenario, not a defence-friendly 'insider killer(s) scenario.

Did the non-recording but highly visible building security cameras lull the senior victims into taking risks at their unit door ?

AND Ironically have the same lack of recordings now indirectly helped convict the killer ?

5 - May 18/17 Ottawa Citizen : “Bush guilty in brutal killings” murder-in-tax-judge-slaying

6 Evidence Admissibility :

R v Bush 2017 ONSC 2202 issued May 18/17
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BOTCHED home invasion SEVEN YEARS LATER shows triple murderer WAS NO CRIMINAL GENIUS 2017/10/30 23:37  
LOOKING WORSE NOW : In retrospect the 2007 entrance checkpoints & ubiquitous but non-recording cameras that failed to either deter nor identify the triple murderer - now looks even less credible. . .


Seven years later in 2014 triple murderer IAN BUSH left his photos & DNA all over the place at a different condo.

And Bush this time botched the attempted murder of his 101 year old theft victim, who had foolishly unlocked his unit door for Bush's random "I'm with the City" bogus entry ploy.

Now on subsequent trial for the 2014 attempted murder Bush is confronted with lobby security photos, DNA on the suffocation kit, and an ATM photo where he tried to raid the elderly victim's account.

The Crowns' evidence reportedly even includes Bush's public transit account trail !

The 2014 photos immediately triggered calls to police by Bush family members.

And immediately police for the first time had Bush as a suspect for the 2007 seniors triple murders with his deadly plastic bag method.

This current Bush trial is reportedly predicted to continue for 6 weeks.


The Crown's presented 2014 evidence strongly indicates that Bush in 2007 was NO criminal genius at all.

BUT he cleanly beat the high visibility but dubious security at that time at that other location.

I had doubts about security on several visits to that site's management in 2001, but it wasn't my portfolio. External cameras were everywhere. The guardhouse always quizzed me, but I wasn't hopping over the rear lower fence.

Opening the door to "a stranger who looks official" can be deadly to anyone who does so. Or to their neighbours.

Respectfully, seniors or others who leave their unit door unlocked - or who allow strangers to 'slipstream' unchallenged through entry doors - take a huge risk.

Triple murderer Bush did not look like one of the Manson gang. Nor was he a criminal genius, it's now obvious.

Oct 25/17 Citizen “Assailant left elderly vet to die, trial told” world-war-vet
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BOTCHED second deadly condo invasion : GUILTY verdict 2017/12/05 02:07  
An Ottawa jury has convicted IAN BUSH for a 2014 attempted murder of a 101 year old owner who had admitted the total stranger into his unit & possibly through the lobby door.

Bush had been convicted last spring for 2007 condo triple murders - enjoying a clean getaway for seven years - after botching the 2014 unit invasion involved here.

His lawyer is quoted citing Bush's preference for vulnerable urban condo victims. Was this actually argued to the judge ?

URLs are below.

Condo law keeners may chuckle that at the eleventh hour BUSH himself argued unsuccessfully before a different judge seeking to stay the criminal trial under the R v Jordan ( unreasonable delay ) criteria. That other judge was Mr Justice ROBERT N. BEAUDOIN whose condo judgments have opened doors, but NOT for triple murderer Ian Bush. . . .

“There’s no art to find the mind’s construction in the face. He was a gentleman on whom I built an absolute trust." - ( Macbeth Act 1 Scene 4 ) Duncan checking into the hotel Macbeth

As noted & discussed by Richard & Markie above, urban condo residents who blissfully unlatch lobby doors - and even their own unit doors - for strangers without either an emergency underway or after management notice , are taking what can be a bad risk. A bad risk for not only themselves but others . . .

Seniors' unsecured unit doors were a special problem in older buildings where tracking keys might have been a hassle.

Tolerating strangers "slip-streaming" behind an owner through a lobby entrance, really should be reported to management if there is reluctance to pleasantly engage the slip-streamer.

With or without retained images in functioning or merely decorative security cameras (2007), admitting a "harmless -looking stranger" can be a bad risk. Note that middle-aged Bush neither wore a hoodie nor looked like Charles Manson in 1969.

Whatever the privacy & civil rights aspects of surveillance recording, those recordings with posted notice may actually deter some criminals or redirect criminal activity.

But as long as urban lobby & unit doors are opened to strangers without some sort of obvious attention or engagement, mere deterrence can fall short. . .

Dec 1/17 Citizen Justice Beaudoin rejects Bush’s Jordan defence attempted-murder-trial

Dec 1/17 Citizen “Triple killer’s hit included CBC journalist, two other judges”

Dec 1/17 Citizen “ Triple murderer guilty of trying to kill Second World War veteran” by Gary Dimmock world-war-veteran
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