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argonut ()
WIKI - BLOG 2007/06/29 22:33  
Hi All,

Blogs and WIKIs are increasingly being used as complements of Forums. In both cases they offer some advantages and some disadvantages to forum. It is not the purpose of this forum to discuss that topic.

However, I bring it up to introduce my blog on the subject of Condo living. You'll find it at : .
With the recent developments on the web on this subject, like this CAFCOR website for example, filling a long felt void, I will probably abandon this blog effort.

On the Wiki side however, one of the major advantage that I note is in its ability of easily accumulating very relevant information to our concerns with condo living. This can then become a rich repository of pertinent information to condo living. CAFCOR might consider launching a CAFCOR wiki to accumulate resourceful references.

For that reason I have opened the Place Lafontaine Wiki
to public access. This permits anyone to view the Wiki but not to edit its pages. As the administrator of this wiki I've restricted this capability to only the owners of our Condo. Please visit our Wiki and let us know what you think of the idea and possibly suggest ways in which CAFCOR might find this useful.

Regards and welcome, argonut
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Yvon ()
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Re:WIKI - BLOG 2007/06/30 13:57  
Links to argonut's WIKI - BLOG have also been placed in the "Links" section of the CAFCOR website. We invite condominium unit Owners to place links to their Corporations or Owner Associations. We ask that you first examine the "About Us" and "Mission" sections here on the CAFCOR website to ensure that your goals are compatible with those of the Canadian Alliance For Condominium Owners Rights.
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argonut ()
Re:WIKI - BLOG 2007/06/30 21:23  
Absolutely right Yvon and my apologies for not steering folks to "Links" for my sites in the first place.

The Links section is stockful of useful information and will likely help me lighten up the Place Lafontaine wiki.

As often happens I was under the impression that I was discovering slice bread with my brilliant ideas. I note that you have been there and done that, bravo.

I hope and wish that all your efforts serve as useful examples and inspire folks to insist on their rights. Maybe, who knows, it might even get some of our law makers to notice some of the weaknesses of their laws.

Regards, argonut
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