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CAFCOR Forum – Owners Helping Owners. Our Forums offer a wealth of information accumulated in thousands of posts.  We encourage everyone who has a question or problems to discuss, to search the forums first.  There is a chance that your question was already answered.  Viewing threads also allows a better understanding of issues facing condominium owners.  To visit the Forums, please click HERE.

law.jpgThe High Price Of Condominium Arbitration.
A condominium is a community of people with common interests and the theory is that the community should try to resolve disputes by agreement rather than the adversarial process.  Mediation is seen as a “win-win” process which allows disputes to be resolved by a communication process leading to a common understanding of the needs of the condominium community. Read more...
Condo TowerOver 9,000 Condominiums in Ontario
In 2011 there were over 9,000 registered condominiums in Ontario, an increase from 8,788 in 2008.

For a breakdown (2009) based on location please click HERE .  The numbers were provided by the Ontario Government.
The Price of Justice for Condo Owners Print E-mail
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The Price of Justice for Condo Owners
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South-Side-1.jpgThe Price of Justice for Condo Owners
Condominium boards, management companies and managers with the aid of "condominium" lawyers, all paid for by unit owners, are using tactics to drain the financial resources of those who they should be serving. The patterns are clear and there for all to see if you are willing to take the time to look.
Many are afraid to speak out.
For every one that is courageous enough to speak up, there are a hundred suffering in silence.
Even more owners are "blissfully" ignoring reality.
Ignorance is really bliss - UNTIL - one day,  they wake up to huge assessments, escalating costs and maintenance fees and depleted reserve funds. Even the middle class can no longer afford justice.

Help from the Law Society of Upper Canada


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