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CAFCOR Forum – Owners Helping Owners. Our Forums offer a wealth of information accumulated in thousands of posts.  We encourage everyone who has a question or problems to discuss, to search the forums first.  There is a chance that your question was already answered.  Viewing threads also allows a better understanding of issues facing condominium owners.  To visit the Forums, please click HERE.

law.jpgThe High Price Of Condominium Arbitration.
A condominium is a community of people with common interests and the theory is that the community should try to resolve disputes by agreement rather than the adversarial process.  Mediation is seen as a “win-win” process which allows disputes to be resolved by a communication process leading to a common understanding of the needs of the condominium community. Read more...
Condo TowerOver 9,000 Condominiums in Ontario
In 2011 there were over 9,000 registered condominiums in Ontario, an increase from 8,788 in 2008.

For a breakdown (2009) based on location please click HERE .  The numbers were provided by the Ontario Government.
Like Little Towns
people.jpgLike Little Towns. In speaking with friends who serve on municipal Councils and Boards, I am struck by the utter disbelief they display upon hearing of the lack of accountability of our Boards of Directors and Property Management Companies and of the baffling lack of "enforcement" on the part of the Ontario Government. Each and every one, without exception, has stated that if the antics of some Directors, Officers and Property Managers of some condominium Corporations were to occur in the sphere of "municipal governance", those responsible would be facing the scrutiny of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the Ministry of the Attorney General and investigations by provincial auditors and regional and provincial police services.

The Government would surely spare no resources or expense in bringing those responsible for such actions to account for their negligent, incompetent and perhaps even criminal behaviour.

We have towns in this Province with smaller populations than many individual Ontario condominium Corporations yet the Government has consistently refused to acknowledge that the rights of unit Owners (taxpayers) to good governance and fiscal accountability are worthy of the same standard of protection and enforcement of the law as those of other taxpayers in Ontario.

The Condominium Gravy Train
By Robert Metcalf

The phrase “Condominium Gravy Train” which, I use to describe the current state of affairs with regard to the business of “servicing” Condominium Corporations is the subject of this paper. Anyone wishing to use this may do so as they see fit. defines “gravy train” thusly: A position in which a person or group receives excessive and unjustified money or advantages with little or no effort.

Because They Can!
bullyS.jpgSome Boards of Directors, with help from some property management companies and condominium lawyers, intentionally and with malice, refuse to follow the governing documents of their condominium Corporations (Declaration, By-laws & Rules) as well as provincial legislation and regulations. These Boards make up their own rules as they go along and usually in order to shirk their responsibilities and/or to intimidate and oppress unit Owners, particularly unit Owners who oppose them. They will choose to apply certain Rules to certain unit Owners and not to others. Why do they do this? Because they can! 

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