Letter to Political Leaders of Ontario
September 10, 2007

Hon. Dalton McGuinty, Liberal Party Leader.
Hon. John Tory, Progressive Conservative Party Leader.
Hon. Howard Hampton, New Democratic Party Leader.

Dear Sir,

As condominium unit Owners are about to go to the polls on October 10th, CAFCOR would like your party’s official response to the following;

As you are by now aware, there are in excess of 9,000 condominium Corporations registered in Ontario. According to a study conducted by a building consultant in Newmarket a few years ago for CMHC there were 209 Corporations involved with a total of 30,873 condominium units for an average of 148 units per Corporation.

From these figures, we can estimate the number of Ontario condominium units to be in excess of 1,332,000. Statistics Canada figures for 2001 indicate the average number of persons residing in private dwellings to be 2.6. Stats Can has also indicated that this number has dwindled over the years prior to 2001 and we will assume that condominiums are less populous, to arrive at a figure of  2 persons per unit.

These calculations would indicate that there are in excess of  2,664,000 Ontarians residing in condominium Units. If we assume that 65% of these are voters, this would mean that over 1,731,600 condominium unit Owners and residents or 20+% of the Province’s population can contribute toward the election of Ontario’s next government.
Given these figures CAFCOR represents the interests of a significant portion of Ontario’s citizens.

As you are well aware, condominium unit Owners presently have no protection in the Condominium Act, 1998. The Government of Ontario does not enforce provisions of this piece of  “consumer protection legislation”.  The few protection provisions found within the Act are outside the financial reach of most condominium unit Owners and there has been not a single conviction under section 137 by the Ministry of Government Services. The mandatory mediation provisions of section 132 can be easily by-passed by a Corporation’s Board of Directors who refuses to agree on a mediator. Arbitration, the next step in the ADR process mandated by the Act, can be more costly than litigation and again, cost prohibitive to most unit Owners.

Of course, any reasonably prudent and fiscally responsible Government will be concerned with the cost of enforcement and the political expediency of establishing a condominium Ombudsman or Tribunal much like that now available to tenants. However, if you compare the costs to government to maintain infrastructure and services to 200 – 1,000 sq. ft. homes (condominium units) within one building to the costs to government in maintaining infrastructure and services to 200 – 1,000 sq. ft. single detached homes, the difference is staggering.

Condominium Boards of Directors are essentially “private governments” who oversee the well being and interests of their Corporation’s citizens. In many instances, these “private governments” are responsible for more of Ontario’s citizens than municipal councils. Their budgets can be more than four (4) times greater that those of many smaller municipalities and townships yet the Government of Ontario pays no attention to the issues of financial accountability, election irregularities, questionable procurement practices and so on.  These issues plaguing our condominium communities are presently ignored by the Provincial Government and are such that the Province would never allow them to continue in a municipal setting with a smaller constituency and one quarter of the annual budget.

What concrete steps do you and your Party propose to take in order to address the concerns of almost one quarter of  Ontario’s citizens living in our condominium communities?

Will you, as Leader of your Party, undertake to address the concerns of the condominium community through legislative and regulatory reform within the lifespan of the next provincial parliament?  

Over 2,000,000 of Ontario’s citizens look forward to your expeditious response to the above.


Chair, Legislative Committee
(416) 747-8889 ext.1

  • Please click HERE to view the response letter from Dalton McGuinty - Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.