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Jony ()
Invoice 2007/07/21 01:16  
In the past we cought several false invoices and the PM never gave us any reason about it but simply he cancel those invoices and never ever talk about it.

Now,we let them go. They are keep sending several invoices and they expect us to pay. we called some of those companies and found out that those companies belong to the PM's relatives. they told us that they worked in our building 2 years ago.The PM know we are new (board of directors) and try to get any penny that he can get. they/we dont have any proof either.

What should we do ? sounds like PMC and PM can do anything.
we have to stop these kinds of thing, we have to do something.
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wotan ()
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Re:Invoice 2007/07/21 06:53  
Refer the matter to the condominium's solicitor and send a certified letter to your former PMC about what you are doing and that any further correspondence will be handled through the solicitor. That should solve the problem. If not, follow the solicitor's suggestion.
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denis ()
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Re:Invoice 2007/07/21 06:54  
Call the policer and ask for an investigation. May be fraud or some other criminal offence. If there are grounds for prosecution, the police and crown attorney will do it. Will not cost you a penny! Let us know what happens on this Forum, please.
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Yvon ()
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Re:Invoice 2007/07/31 20:34  
Hello Jony,

Thank you for another argument in favour of "self-management". I would agree with both Wotan and Denis. Why a PMC would have the authority to contract on behalf of the Corporation continues to elude me. The Board, and only the Board, should have the authority to enter into contracts on behalf of the Corporation. PMs and PMCs should not decide which contractors are used or the amount which a contractor is paid. These are Board responsibilities. Further, PMs and PMCs should not have "signing authority" period. Perhaps the Board could authorize a small "petty cash" amount for the PM to purchase paper clips and staples. In By-law No. 1 of most every Corporation, the President is charged with the general supervision of the business of the Corporation. Once again, the Board needs to step up to the plate and take control of the Corporation.

Are there Board minutes which authorize these past contracts or expenditures? Are there any contracts bearing the signatures of Directors or Officers who were authorized to bind the Corporation as evidenced in minutes of Board meetings?

What action has the "new" Board taken regarding this issue Jony?
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