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Linda ()
We need Bill 185 2007/07/20 18:11  
We need Bill 185 to pass. There are so many condo issues, we need a Tribunal where we can present our problems and have them resolved without paying high priced lawyers. BODs and Management Co.s would be forced to know the Condo Act and run the corporations in a professional manner. Presently, I would bet there are so many problems, there would be an immediate line up.
The Landlords got theirs. The Tenants got theirs. We need ours. Having done some research, I have found in the United States there has
been sufficient pressure put on state governments so that there now
exists some or all of the following: State Condo Agencies, a National
Fair Housing Advocate, a Condominium Ombudsman and a Bureau of
Condominium Complaints.
With so many condos having been built, I'm certain that the number of
problems is mounting rapidly in Canada as well.

Support Bill 185!!
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wotan ()
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Re:We need Bill 185 2007/07/20 20:19  
I will.
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doubleu ()
Re:We need Bill 185 2007/07/20 20:35  
I thought this bill died when parliament rose and the election was declared.

If so, wouldn't it have to be reintroduced during the next session to be 'born again'?
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wotan ()
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Re:We need Bill 185 2007/07/20 22:51  
Doubleu, I believe it will have to be re-introduced. For one, I am in the process of preparing questions for my local candidates and one of them will be on Bill 185.)
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MariaW. ()
Re:We need Bill 185 2007/07/20 23:23  
From what I've heard (not really analyzing the bill), it is not sufficient, e.g. no real enforcement mechanism. So if it is passed, then, most likely the lawmakers will be done with the condominiums for the next several years. Is it then in our best interest to rush it as it is?
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Yvon ()
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Re:We need Bill 185 2007/07/25 16:01  
Bill 185 is no more! I believe Mr. Marchese intends to re-introduce this as a new Bill sometime after the October 10th provincial election.

Although I applaud Mr. Marchese's efforts, I do have several concerns with the text of Bill 185. First of all, it proposed to establish a Review Board or Tribunal to hear complaints from unit Owners and Corporations. The Bill also suggested that the government appoint a "not-for-profit" organization to administer same. Depending on which organization is used, this could be disatrous for unit Owners. As well, I have concerns with the matter of "representation" of the parties. Will such a Tribunal simply offer a new method of income for condominium lawyers? We must bear in mind that the "source" of their income has always been and will always be, unit Owners. Unless the parties self-represent, such a Tribunal may be as accessible and affordable to us as arbitration and litigation now are. As well, because Bill 185 proposed to leave almost all of its "teeth" to the Regulations, depending on the government of the day, such could be easily changed to favour developers, PMCs or Boards of Directors, once again leaving unit Owners out in the cold. I believe that the "teeth" of any proposed protections for condominium unit Owners must be legislated, not determined by Regulation. Consumer Protection Legislation is what is needed here. A revised Condominium Act which provides enforceable accountability. Currently, section 132 of the Act is cost prohibitive to unit Owners and section 137 has never been acted upon by the Ministry of Government Services' Consumer Protection Branch. In any event, the current Condominium Act, 1998 will have to be amended to accomodate those proposals contained in what was Bill 185. The best scenario unit Owners can hope for would be a "minority" government after October 10th. Arrogant refusal to address our concerns is less likely in such circumstances. Condominium unit Owners need to get out and vote on October 10th. We need to put our candidates on the spot at meetings and attempt to secure undertakings from them and the parties they belong to. Just remember that the only way to counter the big money contributors who have no interests but their own is at the ballot box.
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wotan ()
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Re:We need Bill 185 2007/07/25 19:45  

I do hope that CAFCOR will be lobbying the political parties for changes between now and the election! I think this would be of enormous assistance (with over 8,000 condominiums, are are talking a lot of possible votes.)
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Yvon ()
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Re:We need Bill 185 2007/07/26 03:09  
Hello Wotan,

Yes, CAFCOR maintains regular contact with senior members of all three (3) major political parties in Ontario. Submissions respecting Bill 185 were prepared by CAFCOR for presentation to the Standing Committee on General Government on behalf of condominium unit Owners in Ontario. We were awaiting the Clerk's notice but the Committee has now recessed for the summer. I can assure you that CAFCOR will be there again in the new Legislature after the October 10th election. On a point of interest, several of CAFCOR's founding members were present in the Legislature's gallery for Debate on Bill 185.
You can rest assured Wotan, as can all unit Owners, that CAFCOR is currently engaged in active dialogue with MPPs in an effort to further the interests of condominium unit Owners and to lobby for real consumer protection legislation and measures which will protect unit Owner investments and interests.
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wotan ()
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Re:We need Bill 185 2007/07/26 04:22  
If candidates really want to be elected, they were certainly listen and consider to what CAFCOR will be saying.
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Yvon ()
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Re:We need Bill 185 2007/07/26 16:29  
There are ridings, particularly in the GTA, where condominium unit Owners alone can determine the local outcome of the election. It is up to all unit Owners to attend "all candidates" debates and townhall meetings, to ask questions of the candidates regarding condominium issues. To attend in groups to concentrate our presence. Invite candidates to meet with unit Owners in our respective Corporations. E-mail candidates and leaders with specific questions in order to have a "record" of their responses.
For many years, I supported a particular political party based on my family's historical or generational allegiance. At one point, I had to ask myself if my support was based on reason and present issues or if I was simply allowing my forefathers' to cast their votes through me based on issues which may have existed 100 years ago. Today, I cast my vote based on a reasonned and informed basis. I will support candidates in my local area who have a "real" interest in condominium legislative reform, who understand that it is only unit Owners who pay the bills and who agree that unit Owners, as tax paying citizens of Ontario, deserve the same protections afforded investors in the stockmarket, tenants and consumers of almost any other product.

Should you wish to have someone at CAFCOR speak to unit Owners in your Corporation regarding the issues or should you wish to have CAFCOR help to organize an all cadidates town hall meeting for your Corporation or a group of Corporations, please feel free to contact us at;
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Vince ()
Re:We need Bill 185 2007/07/27 07:06  
Do you honestly think that it makes a difference? Who do you think contributes to their campaing funds? Judges, lawyers, builders, property management company owners, bankers, insurance company executives. These politicians are all as corrupt as the people who own them. Why do you think that the conservatives brought in the condo act and the liberals haven't changed a thing? The ndp comes up with an idea that will make us think we are better off but will keep the organized crime bosses happy. Smoke and mirrors.
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