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Province INVITES INPUT by Aug 14/20 : "condominium GUIDE " for PURCHASERS 2020/07/16 17:26  
On July 13/20 the Province of Ontario issued a THIRTY DAY invitation to "comment' ? - ? to suggest contents ? - on the wording of a "CONDOMINIUM GUIDE" for purchasers.

It's pursuant to the still not yet implemented subsection 71.1 "Condominium Guide" of Ontario's Condominium Act 1998 S.O. 1998 C 19 "the Act" ) providing that the Minister "shall ensure that one or more condominium guides are prepared . ."

( Changes to the Act's accompanying section 72
will correspondingly defer purchasers being bound to purchase agreements until receiving such concurrent with the preceding changes. )

Details are below. Looks like a lot more material for condo buyers to try to digest . . .

( For some consumer-protection context , it could be worth checking out what the Province legislated into residential tenancy law about thirteen years ago. The current version is shown as Tribunals Ontario/ L&T Board’s “ Brochure: Information for New Tenants” Aug 2018

YES, tenants do NOT share governance of rental complexes ! Howsoever easier to be a tenant, the tenant Brochure arguably was and is sharper in its single page focus on knowing your rights, avoiding disputes and seeking remedies for conflict.

For example, would it not be worth including alerts to these targetted "purchasers" about the sorts of consumer abuses they should recognize ? ( The tenant Brochure at least tries that in the tenancy universe. ) Alerting to self-serving legacies from some declarants, such as is arguably now before Canada's Supreme Court in the B.C. Crystal Square parking dispute ? Or alerts about declarant turn-over issues ? Or questionable pre-registration cancellation of unbuilt projects where values have soared while applicants' deposits have underwritten a developer for years ?

Or perhaps a warning that ownership has risked a certain type of lawfirm sending out voodoo civil demand letters and slandering titles vigilante-style without an express platform in condo legislation ? . . . ) whatever . . .

Expect whatever the Guides' final texts to show to whom M.G.S. really listens most.

Anyway, from Ontario's ( Condominium ) Act :

( awaiting implementation ) Condominium guide

71.1 (1) The Minister shall ensure that one or more condominium guides are prepared, each of which shall set out, if the Minister considers appropriate,

(a) information for purchasers of units or proposed units;

(b) information about the rights and obligations of owners, occupiers of units and the board in a corporation; and

(c) such other matters that the Minister considers appropriate. 2015, c. 28, Sched. 1, s. 61.

Different versions

(2) A condominium guide may be prepared in different versions depending on the type of corporation, the persons or the circumstances to which it applies, all as the Minister may determine. 2015, c. 28, Sched. 1, s. 61.
Delegation to condominium authority

(3) If the condominium authority exists, the Minister may require the authority to prepare any of the condominium guides, subject to the Minister’s approval. 2015, c. 28, Sched. 1, s. 61.

Section 72 to be amended consistently : ( purchaser not to be bound until Guide is delivered along with . . .)

MGS”proposal” 20-MGCS014 30 days to comment by Aug 14/20 on Guide contents
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lawyer alerts to CAO Authority's “Condo Buyer’s Guide” 2020/07/18 15:52  
A blog by lawyer Michelle Kelly ( Robson Carpenter LLP ) alerts to a 31 page CAO guide filled with lots of happy faces of folks dancing for joy about the condo universe. Maybe inputs in this tight timeframe will be unnecessary. O Bliss !

“Condo Buyer’s Guide” by CAO

Full of happy colour photos un-cluttered by even a suggestion of much ever going amiss . . . .

for example the "What you Pay" page 10 not remotely hinting some hopefully few owners might also find their unit getting billed and facing title liens IF a condo corporation decides it can legislate voodoo judicial powers for itself not platformed in Ontario's legislation.

Arguably a far distance from Ontario's more consumer-oriented tenancy Brochure
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