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DID TWO DIRECTORS conspire & mislead condo owner VOTE : Y.R.V.L.C.C. # 1010 v ( * ) ? 2019/07/20 10:24  
( This as usual is not legal advice, nor have the allegations as Claimed been so far proven to have any merit whatsoever. )

By Endorsement an Ontario Provincially-appointed functionary ( "Master" ) has vetted Y.R.V.L.C.C. YORK REGION # 1010’s motion to amend its related Statement of Claim by adding an extra defendant ( ? lawyer ? ) XXXX .

AND additional linkages within the condo corporation's Claim apparently will attempt to hearsay a determinant & conflicting interest / secret INDIRECT benefit allegedly received by one of two named defendant condo Directors M. and R. .

BOTH defendant Directors M. and R. are alleged to have conspired to mislead – and allegedly did mislead - condo voters into approving a bad deal, an under-priced deal or both. ( Was it : "“Just trust me and do what I say.” ? . What was the role of the alleged additional defendant ? Some well-known names . . . )

Or is it misdirected remorse about collectively voting to release ( or consent to the extinguishment of ) a protective restriction on title to adjacent land ?

The claim alleges that such extinguishment opened the door to development next door. Should respectfully remember that . . .

Such restrictive covenants ultimately expire eventually under Ontario's excellent MRTA ( marketable record title ) provisions unless mutually renewed. ( See other topics here . Outside the Building Scheme universe such ain't universally understood . . . Thank the Gods for such MRTA !)

* * *

XCRPT : “. . . [4] . . . It is alleged that ( defendants M. & R. ) misrepresented the situation to the plaintiff unit owners and further, they failed to disclose either the value of the easements or that the easements rendered the adjacent land undevelopable.

Based on the alleged misinformation, the unit owners voted to release the easements...)" - unquote

Y.R.V.L.C.C. # 1010 v ( certain named Directors ) 2019 ONSC 4085 issued July 3/19
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