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Virgin Mary dragged into OWNERS ASSOCIATION DESIGN REVIEW WAR Florida 2018/12/10 22:10  
( alerted by Deborah Goonan's interesting Independent American Communities site : )

A Bradenton Florida senior is battling the management & review committee of her seniors trailer community over a substantially large religious image she has painted on the exterior of her trailer / mobile home.

Eighty -five year old Ms. Millie Francis was authorized to alter one of her trailer's picture windows after claiming that management had been spying on her ( ! ? ).

But instead of conventional weather resistant siding she installed plywood and then painted a religious image she claims was divinely ordered.

She reportedly has advised management to kill her if they want the image of the Virgin Mary removed . . .

Is it possible that design review committees have some value ? Those ARCs & PRCs generate lots of owner beefing - but also supportive comment - whenever U.S. cable TV reports something that looks like conformity policing run amok . . .

Amongst the 1100 online comments about this review war over the last week at Fox news :

- 'It's a TRAILER PARK, in FLORIDA. Why make a big deal over this when 5 minutes from now the next hurricane is going to come along and ........"

- "Jesus has already told her what to do. Move ! She just is not paying attention to what Jesus wants her to do. . ."

Dec 5/18 Fox News

Florida woman, 85, fighting to keep painting of Virgin Mary on mobile home: 'Have to kill me first' mary-on-mobile-home
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