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LAUNDERING CRIME PROCEEDS: B.C. mortgages & construction liens shelter & channel CRIME BUCKS 2018/02/18 09:33  
Feb 16/18 Globe & Mail series with paper trails : “How shady lenders with drug-crime connections are using B.C. real estate to clean dirty money” article38004840/

subtitle/ caption : "Through millions of dollars in private lending and mortgages, people connected to the fentanyl trade are parking their illicit gains in the Vancouver-area property market – and using alleged threats, extortion and deception against homeowners to make sure they get their money back. Kathy Tomlinson & Xiao Xu investigate"

Canadian legislation targets proceeds of crime, but another investigative series looks deep into B.C real property activity that helps drug crimesters to cleanse & step around those.

Side effects may help to inflate real property values & generate legitimate looking legal billings . . . Fentanyl anyone ? And wow : Now our venture apparently even gets some of its income streams re-routed through a car wash and conventional-looking B.C. investment activity . . . .

. . . " . . .asks all her lender clients where they get their money from . . takes what they say at face value: 'We are not the police and we are not FinTRAC and we have no way of doing an investigation. We ask, 'What is the source of the funds?' and normally they say that is their savings. . . ."

The G & M series also looks at using the B.C. civil justice system to enforce sheltered "loans" & "construction liens" where clean bucks may emerge from actioning what may have been totally pre-planned defaults set up by crime proceeds fronted by "straw persons" & desperate small players . . .
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