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$10 K in STRATA FINES fail to halt disturbances by Declaration-defying COMFORT DOGS ! 2017/11/13 00:14  
( picked up by giant US site )

$ 10 K in strata fines failed to silence Declaration-defying uncertified comfort dogs at this unidentified B.C. site.

Despite the strata Board's reasonable-sounding overtures to consider further "accommodation" IF she would supply credible medical records & doggy records, instead the defier filed a Rights complaint against merely the PMC property management company & the manager himself.

But NOT against the client strata corporation.

Interimly now the B.C. Rights Tribunal - parties being represented by some sort of counsels - orders continuance of defier’s Application for Rights “accommodation” to override Declaration. ( Note : in keeping with assertions of childrens' mental challenges, all identifiers are suppressed by the Tribunal adjudicator, including the identification of the municipality itself. )

Nov 11/17 Van. Sun “B.C. woman fights strata to keep children's comfort dogs”

. . . leads to Oct 12/17 interim Rights Tribunal decision ( file 15422) , both sides with counsel. 223_Parent_L_obo_Daughters_v_The_Company_and_Mr_J_2017_BCHRT_223.pdf

B.C Human Rights Tribunal adjudicator rejects respondent PMC’s Motion to summarily dismiss upfront a Rights Complaint filed against it ( but not filed against the Strata corp itself ).

The Rights Complaint by a defiant parent strata owner, seeks to override a pet prohibition enacted 3 years before in 2014 she herself purchased the strata property.

Three subsequent years of noise disturbances by the complainant’s alleged comfort animals, have attracted almost $ 10 K in lawful fines. ( lawful in B.C. )

But there’s been hardball defiance & virtual refusal to even disclose alleged child disorders claimed to require Rights override of the prohibition against these uncertified & Declaration-defying disturbers.

Tribunal quashes the complaint against named property manager but continues it against his employer. It opens the door to add the Strata client itself.
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