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Dr HOLLI BODNER: psychologist PERJURED NEIGHBOUR ADVERSARY into police seizure for mental exam 2017/08/16 01:58  
A Canadian produced series "Fear Thy Neighbour" is reconstructing some truly shocking Neighbour v Neighbour disputes on the Investigation Discovery channel. ( caution : care should be taken about this general type of source )

"Bad Move" looks at an incredible & illegal abuse of power by an upscale Longboat Key Florida detached home owner named Dr Holli Bodner.

For condo & HOA wars, this may suggest that quietly sucking up some aggravation / respectfully promoting mutual respect, is a lot safer than challenging the FAR MORE POWERFUL. ( But Yes : it's also risky to try squashing those with very little to lose. )

Psychologist Bodner had supplied some professional services to the Florida justice system since the 1990's. She knew some ropes. Accusations by her at the time would likely get initial deference.

In 2003 psychologist Bodner took neighbour warfare ( against a nextdoor post-operative tenant named J-P Villar ) to a SHOCKING EXTREME that would ultimately see her plead No Contest to criminal perjury.

Next door tenant Villar had the nerve to dare complain about defecation by Bodner's partner's unleashed dog and about her bylaw-defying new exterior lighting installations. Soon 'mere tenant' Villar was being defamatorly linked to a physically dissimilar individual bearing the same surname but with spousal abuse in that other's background.

Frustrated and with local police & municipality now recognizing 'the real scenario' or their lawful limits to dare intervene, Bodner was able to shift to more remote responders lacking a grasp of the mere adjacency aspects.

Bodner next persuaded Circuit Judge Paul Logan - after A MERE 14 MINUTES of consideration as alertly noted by the Florida Herald-Tribune - to issue an ex parte Order to County Sheriff staff & mental health authorities.

The Order was for police to PHYSICALLY APPREHEND her nextdoor adversary Villar, remove him to a mental hospital, and then to conduct up to 72 hours of mental health testing on him !

To get that Judicial Order under Florida's Baker Act, Bodner LIED in certifying that Villar had a criminal record for spousal abuse, LIED that she was Villar's doctor, and arguably LIED that Villar was a danger to himself and/or others. All lies.

Executing that gullibly issued Order - despite substantial height & name discrepancy between neighbour Villar & some bad dude sharing his surname - police invaded Villar's rented home. They allegedly injured the unsuspecting recent post operative Villar while press-ganging him from the rented home.

Mental health staff ultimately identified the shocking professional abuse & refused to conduct such testing.

To drive Bodner's point home, next day the hospitalized Villar's wife & daughter alone at home would receive a Child Protective Services CPS visit from an anonymously generated source. ( Then & to this day no evidence has supported such accusation. The adult daughter exhaustively denies this allegation & any trigger for the unprecedented CPS investigation. )

Parallelling a prior campaign of defamation to other owners ( the false identification ) it appears to have been Dr. Bodner's ONE-TWO PUNCH to clear the uppity nuisance from the neighbourhood.

The swift outcomes for victim Villar were further medical complications & financial disaster that saw his young family evicted & homeless within months. As Dr Bodner may have expected, the tenant family for her were roadkill whose exile she had achieved. Maybe like a quicky car washing . . . .

Villar died a year later at age 41. His sole crimes appear to have been complaining about Bodner's bylaw violating floodlight spillage & about her unleashed mutt's droppings.

But possibly unexpected by Dr. Bodner, the press & civil liberties interests eventually picked this one sufficiently . . . Stuff like this may have gone uncared in 1903 but now . . . .

An ex-neighbour's comments in this quasi-documentary offer an insightful hint : going delusional may obscure one's own risks.

Whatever, anyone with "something to lose" should look at the "Biggest Picture" BEFORE going out of control in a Neighbour War ( including the classic condo / HOA wars ).

That Picture rarely suffers from competent PRIOR legal counsel, ADR and from following prudent legal steps. There are risks far beyond mere aggravation even if early such look merely speculative. . .

Dr Bodner would eventually plead No Contest to the perjury charge. She was sentenced to TEN ( 10 ) weekends of jail if not turned back for overcrowding.

Somehow NOT professionally stripped of professional accreditation, she would face only FIVE ( 5 ) YEARS of professional probation.

Dr. Bodner had thus successfully rid herself of the uppity tenant neighbour. But her defence would cost money. Bodner herself would sell & move away within 2 years . . .

Postcript : Do ole' habits die hard ?

Flash forward to February 2017 : Dr Bodner gets arrested for allegedly smuggling prohibited oxycodone & lorazepam to some of her inmate patients at Sarasota County Jail.

And so her past exploits get resurrected for a universe with a short memory. Will she be joining her inmate patients ?

Feb 28 2017 Sarasota Patch “Bradenton Psychologist Arrested For Providing Pills To Inmates . Holli Bodner of Bradenton supplied an inmate with oxycodone and lorazepam at the Sarasota County Jail, according to the sheriff's office.”

Jan 23 2006 Herald-Tribune “Psychologist settles federal suit”

June 30 2004 Herald Tribune “Psychologist accused of perjury”

Oct 19 2003 Herald-Tribune “A dispute gone awry”
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