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Book Review 2012/03/16 18:56  
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url for the Book Review itself 2012/03/17 12:37  
good digging by James. I wonder what is the url for the review itself ? Does not seem to be the Starr site itself.

One should be very skeptical about any disputant's claims that a particular prohibition - eg pet prohibition - "had been ignored from the beginning." There is a big difference between "As a Board we consistently tried our best with the resources to halt the violation" and "We acquiesced and were lazy or inconsistent". Unilateral claims are frequently self-serving or ignorant falsehoods, no matter who makes them and even if they have ten PhDs.

About acquiescence / laches / illegal tolerance, whatever, it is worth looking at recent
“T.C.E.C.C. No. 1508 v. William Stasyna, 2012 ONSC 1504” issued March 6 2012

That said, concern with illegal revenge or illegal retaliation - NOT "retribution', something sorted out by the Gods or whatever - is one reason why I have stopped trying to persuade my POA to observe the standards of the Occupiers Liability Act, prudent realty management, etc . . . . Many of them already "know" ( ! ) these things ! In any sort of "shared ownership" situation, those who object or even try to help professionally, could face a counter-attack as claimed by this woman . . She has lots of bucks and time on her hands to fight back and sell books about it. Do the rest of us ?
  The administrator has disabled public write access.
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