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As the Government of Ontario does not enforce its own "condominium" laws, much less commit to a "central registry of Condominium Corporations", a CAFCOR member felt compelled to find out exactly how many Corporations there are in Ontario.

That member spent an entire day and a half on the telephone with every single "Land Registry" and "Land Titles" Office in the Province. The result? As of February 7th, 2007;

8,636 registered Condominium Corporations in the Province of Ontario.

If you take a very conservative average number of say, 100 units per Corporation, this would translate to a whopping  863,600 condominium units in Ontario alone.

Now if we added the numbers for each and every other Province and Territory and multiplied that number of units by the average number of occupants, I think it is time that the Federal and Provincial Governments start paying a little more attention to our communities don't you think?

Surely our numbers could equal or exceed 10% of Canada's 2006 cencus figures on the population of the entire country.

Hmmm ? No wonder our Governments are not interested in protecting our rights. After all, we are only the little guy right?     RIGHT!!!!